sacajawea peak hike

Photo by Travis Corthouts. But if that's what you're aiming for, make sure to have a backup. The ranger station and most literature/websites will tell you it's higher than the Matterhorn (at 9826 to 9845 feet depending on what you are reading) but until a definitive study is done, the debate continues..................  Whatever it is, Sacajawea Peak is also the 111th most prominent peak in North America with 6,377 feet of topographical prominence.Sacajawea appears to be a red scree mound from the east and south while it has grey cliffs on the north and west, a testament to the strange and wonderful range of mountains it is in.

About a mile in there’s a parking lot and the Fairy Lake road splits off to the right which is open from 6/1-12/1. The easiest way is to hike in Hurricane Creek Trail to Thorp Creek Trail and up the east ridge non-technically.

Sacajawea Peak (or just “Sac”), towering at 9650 ft., is the tallest peak in the Bridger Range and provides some of the most easily-accessible, high-elevation views in the area. As you go downhill to the west, you'll pass through the lower Paleozoic--through the Pilgrim Limestone, Park Shale, Meagher Limestone, Wolsey Shale, and Flathead Sandstone of Cambrian age, and you will eventually cross the contact with the Proterozoic Lahood Formation which consists of coarse conglomerates made of cobbles of Archean metamorphic rocks. Hiking Sacajawea Peak Post Date: Sep 01, 2020. Chevron folding in the Lodgepole limestone. And, fossils that must have been deposited in a marine environment (in some sort of low-lying basin) now occur at the top of the highest mountains. Depending on the depositional environment, thick sequences of carbonate rocks (limestones and dolomites), shales, and sandstones were deposited. As you approach the saddle on the ridge, you will encounter entirely different fossilized life forms in the Devonian and Cambrian rocks that are exposed there. Snow and mud can make the trail treacherous, so you might want to wait until warmer times to plan the climb.

Solifluction occurs in a saturated soil on top of a relatively non-porous layer. Please contact David Mogk, Professor of Geology, Dept. These rocks are typically metamorphic rocks that occur as varieties of schists and gneisses. As the trail steepens and begins to switchback, you will notice an increasing number of rock outcrops, and you will be mostly walking up the "dip slope" of tilted beds of limestone.

The trail climbs steadily from the Fairy Lake area up to Sacajawea Pass and continues south culminating with a simple scramble up to the rocky summit. Columnar stromatolites on the saddle. But the views are stunning at any time of day, as long as the air is clear.

That's where staying in Bozeman comes in handy, since you're not far from the trailhead, but you can still grab all the essentials before you head up. Bozeman's Backyard. Photo courtesy of David Lageson.

Hike to Sacajawea Peak, MT. The parallel lines in this photo represent bedding planes, or "contacts" between successive layers of rock which were deposited on top of one another, with the younger strata deposited on top of the previous (older) rock layer. At the far end of Bridger Canyon is the notoriously bad dirt road that leads to the trailhead by Fairy Lake. Just up-trail from the saddle cairn is a west-facing outcrop of stromatolite columns shown above. The evolution of the Bridger Range is a complex record of multiple major tectonic events which have shaped the Northern Rocky Mountains into what they are today. Length: 4 miles (round-trip) Duration: 2-5 hours Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. Fenestrate and Trepostome Bryozoan fragments. The saturated soil creeps down the slope due to the force of gravity and instability caused by excess water in the soil. When there is a big rainfall event (like the thunderstorms that commonly build up in mid-afternoon in this area), the runoff gets concentrated into gullies and channels, and is capable of transporting large volumes of material in a very short time in these channelized debris flows. One of the friendly occupants of the northern Bridger Range. Solifluction and soil creep on west flank of Sacagawea Peak. From the saddle, descend to the east via the large scree … To get to this popular trailhead, head out of Bozeman toward Bridger Bowl, and keep driving just beyond to the turnoff. Sacajawea Peak via Thorp Creek (Eric’s Base Camp), Unsure of how a it would react to my presence I cautiously detoured around it, keeping plenty distance (as you always should with wildlife), and watched as it roamed over to some steep rocks which would be impassable by most animals; an easy way for a mountain goat to escape danger. If you want to head up for golden hour, sunrise is preferred. (1), Images Photo by

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