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See our Privacy Policy This is one of the unmissable things to do at the Salton Sea. East Jesus ended up being our favorite thing to do at the Salton Sea and our favorite thing to do near Salvation Mountain. Today, thousands of waterfowl and other birds spend the winter at the refuge, including some endangered species such as the Yuma clapper rail. The 2,200-acre wildlife refuge, just 40 miles north of the Mexican border, is your first stop before cutting over to the east shoreline that connects with Highway 111 and continues all the way to Mecca, then back to Indio. There is plenty of parking and lots of rock scrambling opportunities so the kids love the Skull Rock area! Slab City has become the mecca for squatters and mobile home vagabonds in the heart of the California Badlands and is one of the best things to do at the Salton Sea. This roadside stop is a great place to check out the many different types of cactus! Since we are fulltime RVers, we always have our house with us, and have explored Joshua Tree from a several different places in the area. We had no idea what to expect and after visiting Salvation Mountain we thought we were getting ourselves into another religious place given the name East Jesus. Joshua Tree is an amazing national park with so much to offer! I won’t even begin to try and explain the scientific background behind this, National Geographic does a better job of that, but what is really getting scientists and researchers confused is as to why the mud pots seem to be moving around 20 feet the last few years. Man-made disaster from the early 20th century! Another one of the best things to do at the Salton Sea is to make your way over to Joshua Tree National Park. I had never seen that before. If you are looking for some local flavor, be sure to check out Pappy & Harriets. One thing we learned the hard way, if you set out on this hike in the evening, take a flashlight! I have been coming here since I was a kid. It’s located directly on the San Andreas Fault line and is one of the lowest elevation points in the US 236 ft below sea level. west is borrego springs, and the mountains, south is el centro ,And Mexico,To the east is your back yard and the sea the salton sea.and the chocolate mountains check out the stars at night the full moon watch the sun rise over the sea a really wonderful and beautiful site One of the more popular things to do that has boomed with Instagrammers over the past few years is Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea. It’s a very remote area that’s perfect for escaping light pollution; the campground is located within a canyon of the Chuckwalla Mountains. The Town of Joshua Tree is well known for its small businesses and artsy atmosphere. Not worth the drive. Click here to learn more about Joshua Tree camping. Saltier than the ocean!?! We are excited to share this guest post from Fummins Family Road Trip on things to do in Joshua Tree National Park. This is, however, a great spot for photos of the lake, walking on the beach and experiencing the odd sand which is made up of dead fish bones and enjoying a picnic at the tables. Kathy Strong, a resident of Greater Palm Springs for thirty years, has been a travel journalist, author and celebrity interviewer for more than three decades, having written or contributed to more than 20 guide books and countless magazine features, covering all areas of the world. Today you can see ruins of some of the lost trailers halfway stuck in the mud of the shores of the beach or they were completely succumbed by the toxic waters. Read more. There are a ton of amazing things to do be sure to check out our guide to Palm Springs. Our kids absolutely love the Arch Rock Trail that starts inside the White Tank Campground. An oasis in the middle of a small little town, randomly out in the middle of the desert. Finding a “sea” in the middle of the sweeping desert might seem like a mirage, but the Salton Sea is very real. So why not make an entire day trip out of it? Some of the installations were thought-provoking with real messages about today’s society that made you think and others were just fun and meant to give you laugh like the pieces dedicated to trying to prove dolphins are some kind of evil creatures that are going to destroy the world. just a few hours outside Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix and is accessible on the south side from I-10 or on the north from State Highway 62. I am not going to even pretend that I knew much about Salvation Mountain before our visit as this is the main thing to do at the Salton Sea that brings tons of visitors a day to get a cool photo of this colorful mound in the desert. San Jacinto State Park and the titular mountain is a popular spot for outdoor adventures including hiking; at night you can also rise above the light pollution (and air pollution) to see the stars. This is a quick and easy stop on your way to or from Salvation Mountain. You’re greeted to Bombay Beach by old billboards of ladies water skiing that remind you that this was once such a thriving tourist destination it saw more visitors than Yosemite. The weather can be a bit bipolar and change at the drop of a hat. However, just a few miles over you can find some nice places to hang your hat for the evening with all of the amenities, especially a pool in that desert heat! Visiting hours are only between 1 – 5 pm, so plan your trip accordingly. My husband knows how much I love looking at the stars at night. During the day, you can explore the petroglyphs in the area, which date back 10,000 years and are some of the best examples of rock art in the Colorado Desert. We are going to break down all the awesome things to do at the Salton Sea to make your trip to Salvation Mountain 100% worth the drive. About an hour later we drove up in front of this. We have used the southern one primarily due to its close proximity to Palm Springs and some great BLM Boondocking just outside of the Cottonwood Visitors center. Work With Us, Destinations Check out our following posts: 12 Epic Things To Do In Northern California [Map Included], 14 Awesome Things To Do In Death Valley National Park [And Where To Stay], 15 Magnificent Things To Do In San Diego With Kids, 54+ Things To Enjoy On The Ultimate Baja California Mexico Road Trip, 17 Unforgettable Things To Do In San Francisco With Kids, 11 Awe Inspiring Things To Do In Southern California, 32 Spectacular Things To Do In Lake Tahoe [Maps Included], 12 Tips To Enjoy An Amazing 1 day Disneyland Park Hopper Trip, 14 Magnificent Things To Do In Big Sur California [Maps Included], 15 Fun and Exciting Things To Do In San Diego With Kids, 21 Epic Things To Do In Yosemite National Park With Kids, 21 Magical Things To Do In Redwood National Park, The 23+ Most Epic Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids, **This post may contain affiliate links.**. We are excited to share this guest post from Fummins Family Road Trip on things to do in Joshua Tree National Park. We showed up too early and couldn’t see this nanner collection for ourselves. The best way to reach Mt. You’re not going to be able to see that so we recommend either doing the 5 minute walk up to the San Andreas Springs Oasis or walk a mile from the parking area to the Dos Palmas Oasis. We have spent a lot of time at Palm Springs RV Resort about an hour away in Palm Desert, so most of our Joshua Tree explorations have started from there. Leonard Knight dedicated 28 years to creating and maintaining Salvation Mountain out of his devotion to God living in his van without running water or electricity. The amazing Mud Volcanoes and Mud Ponds have been formed by geothermal seismic activity, complete with gurgling mud pots and mini volcanic motion that radiates serious heat. Pack a dinner and some flashlights and just enjoy the quiet night sky. Although this spot is a little bit of a drive to the main parts of the park, we really enjoy the views and don’t mind the drive. There’s also a state recreation area on the north shore that offers decent stargazing if you want to visit after the sun goes down. Travel Guides During the 1990s there were two mass bird deaths at the lake from the toxic waters a disease passed on to them from the dying fish in the lake. Here’s one last option in case the nine varied spots we’ve highlighted so far haven’t seemed quite right for your next stargazing adventure. By the 1950s, the Salton Sea became a tourist attraction, enticing vacationers to enjoy its shores. After about 3 years, the original collapsed and so he didn’t let that stop him and he started rebuilding out of adobe clay to what the mountain is today. Sky Valley is located near the south border of Joshua Tree National Park along Dillon Road and is an census-designated community – but isn’t as developed as other communities and can therefore be a good option if you’re looking for somewhere new to stargaze in the area. The preserve is huge and 14,000 acres. Visitors flock to Bombay Beach to witness and photograph the ruins. Tags:california, Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, Southern California, USA, About Bobo and Chichi The arrival of the first date palm from the Middle East in the 1890s brought about large-scale date farming in California. Just imagine what it would be like to live there full time. We might consider the Salton Sea a ghost town, or a watery wasteland, but that's not quite accurate. If you haven’t picked up on it, we absolutely love this area, and we have found something new and interesting every time we go back. Guests swam, golfed and waterskied all day and partied at night at the Yacht Club. Joshua Tree National Park is so popular, you might want to avoid the crowds and do an overnight stargazing trip elsewhere in the region. [Privacy] Be prepared to head south to Bombay Beach too then on to Sonny Bono Reserve. The Salton Sea has an incredibly interesting background story. The beach, once populated by celebrities, now reveals sad remnants of days gone by—from fish carcasses to abandoned piers. Don’t have an RV? To our surprise, there are actually quite a bit of things to do near Salvation Mountain. Don’t let the names scare you, but Salvation Mountain; Slab City and East Jesus are worth a trip. The longer you’re willing to drive, the better the dark sky quality will be! What started as a man who liked handing out banana stickers to make people smile slowly turned into a huge collection of over 17,000 banana related items. The lake was quiet. Visiting the Salton Sea Joshua Tree National Park is a true desert wilderness that is best described as a big playground illustrated by Dr Seuss. In modern times, however, there’s been a resurgence of interest in this geographical oddity. Since Knight’s death in 2014, volunteers have maintained the site, and a charity has been established to support its future care. Click for Privacy Policy / Disclosure Policy, Subscribe To Our Newsletter To Stay Up To Date On Our Crazy Family Adventure, 10 Best Things To Do In Joshua Tree National Park, Things To Do In Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree is located in Southern California. It looks like a magical candy land of colors. This quarter mile round trip path is wheelchair accessible and something you won’t want to miss. We would definitely suggest planning to visit this awesome corner of Southern California for as long as your time allows. However, that could be further from the truth. Salton Sea in Riverside County With a 24 hours visiting period and concrete slabs among private spots along the shore, the Salton Sea is a great place to park it with some chairs and a camera after the sun goes down to do some stargazing.

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