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Also, you should load into his arena from a different area so that those Ministry troops are there to keep him busy. Anyway here goes my renking: (You missed the divine dragon in your list btw). Just be running around to the right and you can slash his feet a couple times.

Second phase is the same, except sprinting away from the apparitions (using snap seeds is too finicky and they have terrible range). Welcome to the biggest Sekiro Community on Reddit! Ashina Elite – Jinsuke Saze This guy is pretty rough. I don't share the idea that the best bosses are necessarily the ones who take hours to learn, master and beat. Here's our definitive list for how every boss fairs in the game. Archived. The game at it's best. he chickened out in the end like a little ****.

VERY cool. I am going to add the last bosses probably when I do them tomorrow after work if people care about this post. To me, this game is intended so that you build up the enemies poise by parrying and you aren't supposed to just not interact with the boss at all besides one attack on every opening. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lady Butterfly: you can just spam Nightjar Slash. Chained Ogre I don't think people really parry this guy anyways, just hit him when he does his leap double kick and also dodge to the side and hit him while kicking to "stagger" him. That's why they are so low on the list. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Most of these methods sound harder than just learning to use deflect and block. You can do this guy without parrying, but I think it is really hard. Just keep running until you can grapple to him or you can time a firework and get tons of damage. You left out the Hirata fight against Owl, as well as the the Emma + Isshin fight. I loved the setting. Easiest was ishina elite (jinzu something) below genichiro. Owl: The second fight is better but this one was cool. You can take half his healthbar down before the last ministry soldier is dead. But it was just the first fight again with a bit more stress and without the awesome animation between the phases.

There's an even easier cheese strat vs the Chained Ogre. 0. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Genichiro: It was a first try for me. You can absolutely cheese this but it will take so much longer. Sekiro is the easiest in my opinion on e mastered. | Out now on PC, XBOX ONE and PS4!

I beat the double apes on my 3rd try, utilizing everything the game offers - sprints, jumps, dodges, parries and prosthetics. This second fight even more than the first just for the few extra attacks. The 3rd phase is bit of a cluster... but overall one of my most enjoyable fights. Created Jun 10, 2018. But if you give him time he'll wreck you. looks like this was never updated, but there is in fact a cheese for Demon now, if you need it. I'd take on ganks I'd run if it got hard, bosses we're little to no challenge on subsequent play throughs. I got two or three iterations of the illusion mobs but use snap seeds (I think that is what they are called) and you will never have to deal with them. There is a path on the left to give you a free stealth deathblow and then you can lodge yourself in a corner beneath where he is standing. The fakeout FROM did here with his second phase is just amazing. I never found a use for this room in any playthrough. Demon of hatred: The hardest boss imo. A boss doesn't have to be an adrenaline filled 1v1 fight for your sanity every single time. First off, in pretty much all of these fights you want to be constantly running to the side and back a bit. I think she took the longest of anyone besides general dildo. Yeah, it was a tad easy but I still loved how epic of a fight it was.

For O'Rin, jump on her while she can be talked to, so she takes out her blade, free deathblow. He also has a jump up and slam his sword down vertically and you can do the same attack and charge as he lands. Maybe because I blew all my confetti on her, since she's clearly an apparition but confetti don't work on her for some reason. Owl (father) was the hardest boss for me he was just so fricking quick. Snapseed halfs her hp. When in air, shoot shurikens.

Worst mini-bosses for me by far are the Headless, all of whom I've had to cheese by turtling under the purple umbrella, except for the underwater ones, of course. Easy but awesome.

Re-using an old boss, and this time it's a gank. Whenever he does the single upper heavy you’ll stun him significantly on a perfect parry which gives you time for either 5-6 hits or 3-4 charged hits. Phase 2 is a lot of the same, and as far as I could tell, his lightning only comes out on four or five attacks, there of which are perilous, and the others were pretty easily dodged. I've never laughed so much while running for my life. Dying Twice. It took me a while to figure him out but his bag of tricks is limited and once I learned his weakness are counter-slashes (since his attacks are relatively slow) he went down easy. I was really proud when I beat her. The Sword Saint - I'm sure for many people the final boss will be the best because he's the hardest. This guy is pretty insane but obviously not as insane as the next boss. But I did enjoy it, and I'm happy it's in the game. As always, be running sideways and backward constantly until you can attack.

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When you stand on it, the ogre walks close enough so that some of your attacks will hit it, while he doesn't attack at all. Hi everyone, which ending is the easiest one? For Orin and corrupted monk, the divine confetti really help. Guardian Ape probably tied for second hardest. Confetti doesn't work on corrupted monk because she isn't an apparition. Corrupted monk (Illusion): Damage sponge. Ez win. Lastly, he has a deathblow that consists of a horizontal sweep then vertical slice and it is really easy to get in an attack after that. For me, he was a bit too hard. Lady Butterfly - I didn't like this fight too much. Phase 3 is pretty easy if you reflect lighting (jump and r1 spam). The corner is where the stairs and the foundation of his house thing meet. If you parry 4 hits, 1-2 1-2, you can death blow him, 30 sec overall fight max, For the second phase of the ape I found playing more defensively and parrying everything to be key.

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