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– Please continue to call and request Senator Luke Rankin, Chairman Judiciary Committee: Kent Williams – E-mail: Personhood would be the priority for me.”, continued… [ Not present yet, Senator Mia McLeod (D), seat empty between Senator Talley and Benson, Esq. 803-212-6048, Phone 6) Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. – District 31 – Darlington & Florence Counties – Map __________________ 608 Motley Rd. Eva Edl testifies before SC Personhood Act ( S .217) Judiciary Subcommittee:  Members present at the time from Left to Right: Senator Scott Talley (R), Judiciary Committee Senior Staff Attorney Paula Benson, Senator Margie Bright Matthews (D), Senator Mike Gambrell (R), Senator Rex Rice (R). Contact information for all SC Senators is here: Rolf Baghdady, attorney – addressed legal issues, including importance of personhood as identified in Roe Opinion, _____________________________________ ______________________________________ Glenn Reese – E-mail: Columbia 29201 Columbia Phone: (803) 212-6048. Farnell ist ein Handelsunternehmen der Farnell GmbH, Geschäftssitz Gruber Str. Contact information for all SC Senators is here:, _________________ Most senators provide an email form on their website rather than a direct email address. April 16, 2016 2) Not vote for Section 33, nor for the final total Budget, if Proviso 33.25 remains as is, with PLANNED PARENTHOOD FUNDING. ]. 608 Motley Rd. Rolf Baghdady Personhood Bill testimony – April 26, 2017 dir., Columbia Christians for Life “Danny” Verdin, III – E-mail:, 8) Finally contact the remaining 14 Democrat Senators: (Provisos) [ Senator Hayes has signed the S.719 pledge ] The 10 Republican Senators who voted to give away the one open Special Order slot to H.3189 (not S.719) on Thursday, April 14 were: Video – 1:23:29 1) Thomas C. Alexndera – District 1 – Oconee & Pickens Counties – Map 612 Gressette Bldg.Columbia 29201 Phone 803-212-6048. Thank God for His sovereign intervention Thursday afternoon, April 14, defeating the surprise Motion for Special Order for H.3189. ( Several other supporters of the SC Personhood Act ( S .217) were present who were also signed up to speak, but who were not afforded that opportunity by the Subcommittee chairwoman Senator Bright Matthews [ D – appointed by “Republican” Senator Luke Rankin (R-Horry) ]. Darrell Jackson – E-mail: Capitol Office State Capitol, Room 2032 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 651-4019 Santa Barbara District Office 222 East Carrillo Suite 309 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 It is important this Motion be defeated once again. Hopkins 29061 Home Phone: (803) 776-6954. District Info. ______________________ November 12, 2016 / Edited, Revised November 14, 2016 Dr. Johnny Hunter is the national director of the Life Education and Resource Netwlork (L.E.A.R.N. [ Senator Cromer is a co-sponsor of S.719 and has signed the S.719 pledge ] During Larry Martin’s remarks, fellow H.3189 supporter, Democrat Senator Vincent Sheheen even “humorously” offered to come up to Pickens County to endorse Larry Martin’s opponent (the thinking being that endorsement of the opponent(s) by a Democrat would hurt the opponent in that opponent’s run as a Republican, thus helping incumbent Larry Martin). Eva Edl Personhood Bill testimony – April 26, 2017 “… with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26, KJV This is a list of email addresses for all current US Senators. [ Note: A vote tally for the April 12, 2016 Senate Judiciary Committee vote on favorable passage of S .719 received  from the Senate Judiciary Committee staff is reporting Senator Karl Allen (D) and Senator Gerald Malloy (D) also voted against S.719. Permalink, About | Copyright | Privacy | Terms of service | Contact. Senator Marlon E. Kimpson (D) Proverb 21:1, KJV ( with deity capitalized ), “… with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26, KJV, Rolf Baghdady, attorney – addressed legal issues, including importance of personhood as identified in, Richard Cash – executive director of Personhood SC; Winner of Republican SC Senate District #3 Anderson Primary Runoff on April 25, ( Several other supporters of the SC Personhood Act (, – Please continue to call and request Senator, – No Special Order Votes Taken, No Motion Period, in Senate April 19; Next Regular Session April 21, 1) The SC Senate adjourned in less than 1 1/2 hours today without even entering the Motion Period on the Senate, 2) Tomorrow, April 20  is only any ‘perfunctory’ Session as per the, 3) So the next full Session of the Senate is Thursday, April 20, meeting at 11AM. 1) The SC Senate adjourned in less than 1 1/2 hours today without even entering the Motion Period on the Senate Calendar for April 19. Given the choice between focusing his efforts on persuading the Senate to take up the transgender bill or a bill establishing legal rights for the unborn beginning at conception, also known as the “personhood” bill, Bryant said he would prefer to focus on the personhood bill. Thekaspervote: Dec 2019 #3: Whoop! Cha: Dec 2019 #4: Response to … There are nominally 27 Republicans in SC Senate to 19 Democrats. The full Senate was scheduled to go into session in the Senate chamber over at the State House at 11am, which placed a specific time limit on the length of the S .217 Subcommittee hearing. Sponsors of S.719: Senators Lee Bright*, Ronnie Cromer*, Kevin Bryant*, Shane Martin, Ross Turner, Mike Fair*, Katrina Shealy*, Larry Grooms, Shane Massey, Danny Verdin*, Tom Young and Tom Davis Create new account | My Profile | My Account | My Bookmarks | My Inbox | Help | Log in, Response to highplainsdem (Original post), Back to top Alert abuse Link here Sen. Kevin Bryant of Anderson, chairman of the Senate General Committee, told The Greenville News on Monday he is prepared to move the transgender bill out of committee and onto the Senate calendar but knows whether the bill moves as the result of a vote at a committee meeting or polling committee members without a meeting, it still will draw a procedural objection by opponents that will require a vote of the Senate for the measure to be heard. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37, KJV, April 17, 2016 Published by: personhood, Christians for Personhood ( CP ) ______________________ ________________________ 3) So the next full Session of the Senate is Thursday, April 20, meeting at 11AM. Senate Gressette Building Room 209 filled for SC Personhood Act ( S .217) Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing. Steve Lefemine, Christian pro-life missionary Proviso 33.25 Specify if you would like a reply and include your street address. _________________________ 803-776-6954. Christians for Personhood Already passed by SC House on March 12/13 with PLANNED PARENTHOOD funding included, SC State Budget for FY 2019-2020 Home Phone (803) 776-6954. Business Phone (803) 647-5157. [ Members of the SC Senate – ]. ______________________ Of this list, Senator Bright and Senator Bryant can be counted as having already made their commitment to support S.719 for Special Order. Home Address. So please call and e-mail the Republican and Democrat Senators further below, as many as you are willing, by NLT Tuesday morning, April 19 when the Republican Senate Caucus meets at 11AM prior to the 12 noon Session in the Senate chamber, saying to them words to this effect: “Please vote to give the open Special Order slot to S.719, and please do not vote to give the open Special Order slot to H.3189. Johnny Gardner – director of Voice of the Unborn. If this is accurate, the April 12 vote would be 11 – 7, not 11 – 5., April 28, 2017 Published by: personhood, Christians for Personhood ( CP ) It appears likely Senate President Pro-Tempore, 35-year incumbent Senator Hugh Leatherman (Darlington, Florence) will once again move for H.3189 to be set for Special Order, which if passed by a 2/3 Senate vote, would take the one slot presently open for Special Order, during the Motion Period on Tuesday,  April 19. ____________________ District Office. Send message to Senator Jackson. The vote for Special Order for S719 is being counted as a vote for or against the Personhood Constitutional Amendment. Recommend you call each Senator’s Gressette Building phone number first; then if you are willing to send an e-mail, that can be done two different ways: 1) Go to the webpage of each individual Senator ( click on links below, or go to, click on “Senators” and then on each individual Senator’s name ), and on the individual Senator’s webpage, click on, “Send message to Senator ________” ), fill out and “Send” the e-mail, or 2) use the e-mail addresses below. Contact Members of the House Click name to send message. Senator Darrell Jackson. Instead of giving away the one open Special Order slot to H.3189, we pray a Special Order vote for S.719 SC Personhood Constitutional Amendment will be taken, and will succeed on Tuesday, April 19. If you have the opportunity to do so, South Carolina Legislative Services Agency * 223 Blatt Building * 1105 Pendleton Street * Columbia, SC 29201, Senior Pastor, Bible Way Church of Atlas Road, Son of the late Bishop Andrew C. and Janie (Lumpkin) Jackson, Benedict College, B.A. © 2001 - 2020 Democratic Underground, LLC. (H.4000) was reported out of Senate Finance Comm to full Senate on April 10 by Chairman, Senator Hugh Leatherman, with PLANNED PARENTHOOD funding STILL present in Section 33 (DHHS) of Senate Finance Comm Report, because of ineffective Proviso 33.25, which does NOT ban Planned Parenthood funding now, but only “once the federal (court) injunction is lifted”. April 16, (SC) Update: PLANNED PARENTHOOD funding STILL in SC State Budget as full Senate to begin budget debate Wed, April 17 Thankfully that H.3189 Special Order vote was defeated on Thursday, April 14, but by just one vote, and the proponents of Special Order for H.3189 intend to try again. 7) Larry A. Martin – District 2 – Pickens County – Map Senators Click on name to connect to their website message form. [ Note: Senators with asterisk ( * ) also signed S.719 Pledge ], Senators who have signed S.719 Pledge but have not co-sponsored: Senators Tom Corbin, Greg Gregory, Wes Hayes. Will Senators (27 R, 18 D) set S.719 for Special Order Thursday, April 21, 2016 ? Proverb 21:1, KJV ( with deity capitalized ), "Joe Biden is the best Democratic candidate to defeat Donald Trump — and that’s exactly what we need,” said State Senator Jackson. 612 Gressette Bldg. 2) The Senators supporting Special Order for H.3189 are planning to try again next week; it is possible another Special Order vote for H.3189 could be taken as early as Tues., April 19.

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