skyrim 3d trees

ESPECIALLY about Forests of Dibella…, A LOT OTHERS STOLEN assets from Forests of Dibella, not the other way around. Forests of Dibella is the best balance of performance and looking good at a distance and up close IMO. What’s the point to posting amazing scenery images – and you’ll need two dozen extra (visual) mods to have the same result? In my case, I had a lot “haters” (because they didn’t like how i was responding to their aggressive & insulting way) and they kept “tracking” me to find SOMETHING to accuse me. But it’s your right if you did the work… That’s a huge deal~! Done. But i guess that it is very hard do achieve because your trees are well-optmized already. Was this added in 1.5 version, and what are “LH’s Forests of Dibella – Billboards – 1K, LH’s Forests of Dibella – Clutter files – 2K,” these downloads? So don't believe the author when they say 'Minimum FPS cost' , because it will have a huge FPS cost for some. I really appreciate it. Oh sweet Talos please tell me this can be backported. Just haven't heard much of it as an option for a tree mod but it is showing real promise. Yeap, you should – and the result will blow your mind. You have seen posts from users, asking mod authors “which ENB are you using? it’s so damn good and perfect! Don´t worry, Thank you!! This mod is awesome, all your mods is, it a shame the nexus don’t care about your creation rights, but I’m glad you continue modifying… . I’ll upload it to the proper mod’s page too. I changed a lot the textures, fixed errors, etc. I compared both versions of treepineforest01. Not every tree texture needs conversion. In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Skyrim Special Edition installed on your device. Originally had this mod while you were still on nexus, but lost it. I’m using 2Ks for the textures AROUND ME, not for the billboards so far away. To each his own, but I don’t think SFO’s grass is any less “Ancient”… And I don’t think something becomes outdated just because newer things have come into existence. Hi Lupus! I see. I MAY think to create a “spring/summer” version and a “full-winter” one. Otherwise, this here new 1.5 latest version is the best of all. So it's a good attempt, I think it will appeal to most people, but I'll stick with Vurt's and my own textures for the time being. So, Nexus has some rules and you need to obey them like true loyal minion. If you like my work “completely” without place other mods, then Forests of Dibella (this here, latest version) is the best you can get and don’t let other to overwrite Forests of Dibella. This mod has a very nice idea behind it - Skyrim trees that are more realistic and higher poly... but it seems to me that the mod was made available for the public very prematurely. I looked at the billboards fiies and it looks like they havent been changed since 2017, so I think they were made to match your old snowy trees. There is currently no good tree option of flora overhaul for winter mods, none. There are few (if any) quality branch/needle textures that work on all tree meshes without some uv issue. Nope. This version includes all, everything (clutter too, Whiterun’s tree, Soul Cairn, all). Saw this on a youtube comparison video of forest mods. Before they looked plastic but these are nice! Check Nexus, you’ll find many newest and better grass mods. This was the best. Looks. So, if you want SMALLER meshes, you need to find that optional. So, I decided to make a good update to this popular mod, since there are so many users they loving it. Why? Perhaps I’ll try to make FOUR SEASONS’ versions (different each other), one spring, one summer, one autumn, one winter. No, they don’t like my temper. I recently saw a YT video featuring your mod, and was blown away by how beautiful it is. How can it be??? My point is to have “regular screenshots”, so you’ll blow your mind when you see the mods ingame. THEY KICKED ME OUT because I didn’t “obeyed their orders” for silly/childish accusations. Was so upset I lost this mod, has been my one and only tree mod since forever! so here you are lupus_hegemonia i missed you soooo much since you quit nexus! There are plenty sites with great mods to pick – and without the FASCISTIC attitude of Nexus. I believe you installed (without knowing it, probably) mods that have also Lods and they ruined the FoD lods. Once i used this mod i couldn’t replace it ! A lot people do and they are happy about. nice work as ever LH! Listen…. Would you consider converting your tree textures to be covered in snow? It’s VERY SIMPLE PROCESS and all you need is to TAKE CARE and not make mistakes to each step. You can always use the “Skyrim Flora Overhaul” of Vurt’s, his GRASS edition (without trees) – marvellous work. So, about the LODs… you need to run the DynDOLOD tool. Lol… A shame, would love it for LE. Nords have held that location just for that reason (Three Banners War) with litter to know food all supported by one Provence and near starving. Been playing for years and this is the best tree mod. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Where has this been all my life? I didn’t catch your request. Point it to MESHES folder (For 3D Plants). Obviously SIMILAR, but new. It’s like the cherry on top of all my other mods, like an early Christmas. I am using the 3d lod Dyndolod seup and the snowy trees have greenish billboars rather than the white or light purple color the actual trees are. and i have a crappy pc. Because, this mod adds/changes a lot MESHES – and of course are running in SSE, not in “Oldrim” (LE). Tnx for the fast reply mate! Is there no chance we can get this mod back on Xbox? Regards to all you visiting this site and have fun. Could you please confirm that I have the correct files, which ones are replaced by the above, and which ones are now redundant and can be removed? The correct question is… “is it working in LE?”. Personally I’m using Forests of Dibella, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, 2-3 trees from 3D Skyrim Trees and… a dozen tree mods from “Oldrim”, all together. Unf. I just need the author to give hanging moss the same treatment and it will be golden. So, at the end of “STEP 9 – Environment-Locations…” I also downloaded and installed your “HD DirtCliffs Remaster”, but MO shows me that there are conflicting files with “Forest of Dibella”. 4:49. The “Skyrim 3D Trees” was… the successor OF THIS MOD! Yeah… I guess they didn’t approved my ban from Nexus. Check in the folder, you’ll see them. Most of the trees, if not all, are not well executed, and poorly balanced in terms of realism and model complexity (trees with too many polygons and yet, not looking detailed nor realistic), and some of them look completely unnatural, like one of the dead trees, which look just like glued toothpicks (that besides looking ugly, has like 15 times more polygons than a vanilla tree, which is very unnecessary for a tree with no foliage at all), so the resulting feeling I had when I had it installed was the opposite of having "more realistic" trees.

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