squalane vs niacinamide

Currently having some zits with many left over acne scars. Love this page!! How do i combine Retinoic acid (0,5), niacinamid (The ordinary 10% +Zinc) and Hilaurônic ácid in my routine? I’m planning to get a niacinamide serum for my clogged pores and congestion, and also vitamin c serum. Sisley toner This means it has no double bonds, which considerably extends its shelf life and makes it less prone to oxidation. Niacinamide after a glycolic toner? I have to thank all of you for encouraging me to try it. I use them all on the same night, everyday (7 days a wk). it’s prone to oxidation. would raise that pH up closer to the 4.5, 5 range without further adjustments. I have been holding back on layering my skincare because I wasn’t sure what goes well with what. Proceed with caution. Can I use Paula’s Choice BHA 2% and The Ordinary Buffet together? Please add me to your email list. We wouldn’t say you’re maximizing either ingredient’s efficacy but you can definitely take advantage of both their benefits. Hi, For instance, you have an oil-based cleansing with BHA and you use this for double cleansing. AM Hi, very honest good info. I have used it so far no problem. So let’s figure out how to combine and handle skincare actives with confidence. i have Dr. Ceuracle royal vita propolis 33 ampoule containing ethyl ascorbic acid i dont have the ordinarys ethylated ascorbic acid. Breaking out (tiny bumps and inflammation cheeks, forehead, & chin), fungal acne, ugly skin texture, and lots of PIE & Ice pick scars :((((( which really affects my self esteem. Urea For Skin Explained (14 Studies): Literally Everything You Need To Know! Ibut I think AHA/BHA is not for me. I put a teaspoon of L-Ascorbic powder in it and mixed bottle of the ordinary the ordinary 2% Alpha Arbutinin. Dermarolling Explained (8 Studies): Everything You Need to Know in 2020! After this, you want to use a BHA exfoliate product, would there be any issue if you do this? .rll-youtube-player, [data-lazy-src]{display:none !important;}, by f. c. | Last updated May 13, 2020 | 261 comments. 4. Similar question to one asked above, but different. We wouldn’t recommend using them together in the same night routine. Well, squalane gives you that…. It can be easily absorbed deep by the skin acting as a normalizer for flexibility and suppleness of the skin without presenting an oily residue…. I know squalane is reported to be comedogenic by a fair number of people. Smashbox Oil & Shine control primer (has Salicylic Acid in the ingredient list) Toner (don’t use glycolic toner in AM) Squalane is the hydrogenated version of squalene. 4. For example using LAA and after 15 minutes a Hyaluronic Moisturizer? Ever since I shared my tutorial on the benefits of niacinamide, I've been asked how to use it with my OTHER favourite skincare ingredient: acid!. If it’s a copper peptide, might not be great with the vitamin C serum, otherwise it’s fine. Spot treatment for acne Hi! Question – what is the routine to be able to take advantage of all the actives? After reading all this info you may be asking yourself the question…. -tretinoin Skinceutical’s custom DOSE (44). I’m looking to introduce actives into my routine and I was wondering if I am able to do the following routine: AM: PM: Please include other actives. Do you put your squalane in the fridge fc? I'm still having some issues with my fungal acne, but they have greatly, greatly reduced after reading your blog and taking some simple steps in the right direction. 3. So instead of a nightly treatment, she’ll add in two days of a high dose AHA/retinol into her weekly routine. Reasons may range from physical exertion to sun exposure, allergies, or Rosacea. So her typical go to is L-AA for day and AHA for night. Now I want to add an AHA into the mix, like the glycolic acid toner from the Ordinary, but am not sure where to put in for the least irritation. Copyright © 2018 Chemist Confessions, Inc. All rights reserved. Cleanse gently cleanser only It’s safe for acne, malassezia, has skin-restoring properties, is highly moisturizing, and extremely cosmetically elegant. Thank you! However, unlike petroleum and its distillates which are sourced from oil drilling, squalane and squalene are both naturally occurring components of human sebum! Thank you! has no active oxygen-scavenging / sun-protective effects). Same as AM but without SPF Where does Hyaluronic acid fit ? Just take a gander at the rave reviews of Biossance and you’ll see what I mean. Would you recommend squalane for people with oily skin? Can you use both products with BHA? Thanks. Honestly, my skin has never looked better! I have dry to normal, acne prone skin. Hyaluronic acid Such a great post! Very helpful article However, for optimal efficacy,  we would still exercise caution with products that formulate the 2 together. Rose Hip Oil, PM 2 Thank you and i hope i’ll get a reply asap. AHA twice a week, Hey, -wait 30 mins then apply buffet + copper peptides I don’t like to rave and speak prematurely about products on this blog, but I’m gonna have to make an exception here. I also use the cream in the evening because it contains retinol. Cleanse Cetaphil cleanser Hi Chintia, the AHA/BHA/niacinamide pairing is ok. Niacinamide gets along with most pretty well. thanks for this post, could you tell a bit on the combination AHA – Niaciamide? Do NOT mix vitamin c and niacinamide together, if you would like to use them both use niacinamide in the am and vitamin c in the evening. Meanwhile, Victoria … is a simple soul and likes putting less stuff on her face. The ordinary says not to use peptides (buffet) with pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid and ethyl ascorbic acid). 4. Hi, thank you for sharing such confusing regimes in a very simple way. These are the exact ingredients that are effective for me but I have been having a hard time figuring out the best way to incorporate them all. I would love to find one with hyaluronic acid included in the serum because I’ve heard they work well together, any suggestions? Cover FX face powder (no concealer or liquid foundation), PM: Again thank you , now I am in more control of layering the skin care products. However, for optimal efficacy,  we would still exercise caution with products that formulate the 2 together. Question is , when would Neocutis Bioserum Firm with peptides and growth factors be used in this regime? Let’s walk through the map together! I do use niacinamide and missha time rev ampoule at night. I simply send out emails every couple weeks to summarize the content I've written. <3 Thank you f.c. Kojic, phenylalanine, sunscreens etc. Should I also incorporate a Peptide in there somewhere such as The Ordinary Buffet serum (perhaps to replace one of the items mentioned above when it run out?) 5. There’s a lot of ways we can do this, so it’ll be a separate article. BHA Blackhead power liquid Cosrx one’s a week. In other words, it’s just a damn good moisturizer that absorbs better than any oil you’ll ever try! I have the same question. The cleanser and the actives are fine. This is a highly comedogenic substance and precursor to acne, something that has been known for over 50 years. My skin has been tolerating it pretty well, only dry out a bit but not an issue. My only issue is whether I have to stop using retinol/LAA when I am using BHA. Thanks. I heard they’re different products or they have different functions. Is it ill-advised to use the Retinol after the hydroquinone? I’m currently using retin-a, glycolic toner, I wait 30 min if I use same night, cleocin gel, cerave hydrating cleanser, Vit C serum, but I had seen such great things I figured why not just try it. This is something that has been demonstrated by the fact that squalane increases the oxidative stability of cosmetic formulas vs. squalene. For those that don’t know, here’s a brief overview of what happened: Michelle Villett from the Beautyeditor put on an article titled, “Why Squalane Is the Best Face Oil,” in which she argues that most unsaturated oils are actually harming your skin because they contain triglyceride fatty acids that are prone to oxidation. Ive been looking for definitive answer on vit c and retinol for awhile and everyone seems to have a different take. -rose hip seed oil. SK-II facial treatment oil is high in squalane, but again, the price kills me! Niacinamide + BHA can be especially helpful for those with acneic skin. Sebamed + Squalane What are your thoughts about this trio regarding the appropriate order of application/night vs day application. Unfortunately, your reliable neighborhood anti-aging superstar retinol comes with a bit of a mean streak due to its irritation potential. Study that demonstrates panthenol and niacinamide’s benefit when using tretinoin: Your email address will not be published. So, how about squalane which is derived from olive oil? The ordinary makes one that’s even cheaper than their regular 100% pure squalane and people say it’s like the superior sister to their 100% pure squalane. -cleanse (24) In other words, the size of a pimple is related to how much oxidation squalene undergoes. Just a few little drops will do ya! Hope this helps . If I were to use peptides do I still need to use retinol? very often inside case you shield this hike. for morning I recommend using alpha arbutin after buffet (so buffet, alpha arbutin, then niacinamide and oil-free spf 30). Please do more on glabridin, Your skin will tell you if it’s starting to get too dry. totally fine together! Too much for the skin? In a cleansing and leave-on product pairing it’s not that concerning but we’ve found some routines (especially for oily, acne users) to end up having salicylic acid in 3-4 topicals. If not, in what way should I change it so it can be more effective? He is haunting me. Anti-Acne Diet Based on 70 Studies (2020): What to Eat for Clear Skin! 3. Lack of understanding and using products wrong had caused my face to burn. Thanks julie. Also would adding niacinamide to these products be beneficial? Hi! I’ve only been using squalane oil for about a month now, but OMG… this stuff is magical! AM: Shower, The Ordinary glycolic acid, vit c serum mixed with resveratrol OR hyaluronic acid, Vichy moisturiser

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