the moral imagination summary

The fact that numerous peace accords have collapsed demonstrates how difficult it is to transcend cycles of violence and foster and sustain a durable peace. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Rigid ideologies, isolation, and fear paralyze the capacity to imagine a web of interdependent relationships. However, creating self-sustained processes of social change is not simply about numbers of people, but also a matter of discovering what initial, small processes and changes make exponentially larger changes possible. Monsters have existed in the past and will continue to exist in the future because monsters are beneficial to mankind.

People frequently underestimate the role of art and imagery in their own moral convictions. Instead, the focus of authentic change processes is on how to touch people's lives and allow them to have some participation in and ownership of decision-making.

The value of moral imagination lies in the ability to get to the heart and soul of the matter and thereby move from cycles of violence to new relationships. So I venture to suggest here, in scanty outline, how it is possible to form a normative consciousness through the study of humane letters. Art is man’s nature; and it is true enough, as Oscar Wilde said whimsically, that nature imitates art. The Chronicle of Higher Education (2009) Stephen T Asma, Columbia College Chicago; Find in your library Abstract. Those whom Lederach calls "voicewalkers" are those who are continuously guided by their sense of vocation and have a clear sense of who they are. “But nowadays,” as Chateaubriand wrote more than a century ago, “statesmen understand only the stock market—and that badly.”. It is not from vegetal nature that one acquires some knowledge of human passions and longings. The other night I lodged at a fashionable new hotel; my single room cost about eighty dollars. . The text is built around stories that he has drawn from his considerable experience in the field as a practitioner of conflict resolution Lederach uses a variety of literary tools to engage the reader and provide a rich understanding of the material. Lederach wants to get conflict resolution professionals to start thinking more about the post-agreement phase and to see it as critical for building a strong, yet flexible system that can hold up against challenges. Our lives are all much richer for it. Deny a fact, and that fact will be your master. Peaceful transformation requires a long-term view that involves ongoing changes to relationships and addresses both the episodic expressions of conflict and its relational core. He concludes: "if we are to survive as a global community, we must understand the imperative nature of giving birth and space to the moral imagination in human affairs. Ledearch recommends that peacebuilders begin to see themselves as artists who feel a sense of connection to what they create, love for what they do, and a desire to bring beauty to what they build. If a small boy does not read Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (1883), the odds are that he will read Mad Ghoul Comics. The law for man we learn from Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius; from the Hebrew prophets, St. Paul, St. Augustine, and so many other Christian writers. Lederach asserts that we need to develop a capacity to imagine the past that lies before us. In this he saw himself as the heir of Vergil and Dante.

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