toyo open country at3 review

Right of the bat we see that Toyo did away with the large tread voids in the center of the tire that we found on the AT II. Here is our review. Chances are, you've heard of the Toyo Open Country AT II but now here comes the AT III! Wear-wise, we're happy with how the Open Country A/T IIIs are holding up under the weight of our heavy Ram mega cab diesel. Fourth, they have a good visual asthetic to them... which means they're a good-looking tire. But until we've tried them all, how do we know there's not something better out there? One thing we will point out is that these tires do not grab and hold gravel as bad as we anticipated.

Read on.

Same goes with the trailer pin weight, although the driving caution goes way up with that setup. One thing we absolutely love about the Toyo Open Country AT III is that they're available in 123 different sizes.

That means it has a higher traction rating than a light truck tire that's rated for mud and snow (the M+S rating). This is great because there is still a good amount of tread hitting the ground and there is less gaps between the blocks which will result in less road noise.

Check out the tracks we made getting to this spot. Plus with all of these multi-waved sipes in the tread blocks and shoulder lugs, you’ll really be able to notice how well these AT III's will provide you with exceptional traction on ice, snow, or wet road conditions to really bite and grip when accelerating or braking. My truck is a Toyota Tacoma that I’ve had for years.

How’d they do? Now, after a little COVID delay, I’ve had them on my truck for a while. That's something we look for in any tire we run on our sled hauler vehicles. On highways with packsnow or packice on the road surface, the Open Country A/T IIIs do well. It doesn't matter what tires you're running––if you hammer the throttle and spin the tires as fast as possible, you might as well set up the hockey goals because you're just polishing ice. The BFGs were tires I had a lot of familiarity with on other vehicles, and by the time I replaced them with the Toyos, they had gone about 30,000 miles past the mileage rating. This is great because there is still a good amount of tread hitting the ground and there are fewer gaps between the blocks which will result in less road noise. We're all looking for that perfect set of tires for our sled haulers, right? There was one day we left the valley and drove north to West Yellowstone.
The LT AT III also have these increased raised side-wall cleats to provide even a little bit more sidewall protection and traction for when you're tackling your next hunting adventure. Don’t judge the wheels too harshly. The larger size of the tires added some flotation in the sand, which I noticed right away. 3PMSF-rated tire should and usually does give you better traction in winter conditions than an M+S rated tire. That's something we look for in any tire we run on our sled hauler vehicles.

Traction was not an issue at any point on the ride, including when I decided to check out an unlisted trail along a creek that ended in a stupid-tight uphill curve with major ruts and a really nasty tree root. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. It’s not uncommon to be cruising down a hardpack trail and come to a wide, sandy washout corner.

When Toyo Tires introduced its newest all-terrain light truck tire––the Open Country A/T III–– we thought it could be a contender for the favorites list.

rim diameters, was developed with a strong focus on wet performance, durability and treadwear life, Toyo says. I decided to go up a size in tires with the Toyos to a 265/75/16. Third, there's good factory siping on the Open Country A/T III tires. Follow these simple instructions to enable JavaScript in your web browser. We think Toyo hit a home run with this tire. The key is to prevent wheelspin and just let the tread pattern do its job. Toyo Tires have been among the premier brands in off-road (and on-road) rubber for your truck, SUV and trail rigs for some time. The tires hooked up well, and traction was not an issue. The Toyo Open Country AT III is a really popular tire, and many consumers are in love but is it worth all of the excitement? BRP AND ARCTIC CAT HAVE REACHED A GLOBAL SETTLEMENT, Avalanche Education Series: No Reset Button In the Backcountry.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. The road base is packed hard with old snow and ice, and a layer of fresh snow from the night before. How much money can I borrow through Affirm. Toyo’s Open Country A/T III, available now, will cover more than 70 SKUs ranging from 15- to 20-in. All the while relying on the tires to get us out of the parking lot through chewed up tracks, new snow and buried ruts. Oh well. Now, as you may have guessed, the wheels have had a lot of miles on them, and the clear-coat on the polished edge didn’t exactly hold up. With a sled in the bed, the little slip here and there dissapears. These are weekend warrior road conditions. The key is to prevent wheelspin and just let the tread pattern do its job.

On bare highway roads, cold or warm, the Open Country A/T IIIs are stellar. Let’s take a look at what I really think of them. We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Basically, a.

Of course, I said yes. That's a good mark for rocker panel paint preservation. The list of requirements wasn’t done, though. We also see a huge amount of siping on these tires which will be great for snow driving! The 3PMSF rating (the mountain snowflake) is achieved through different rubber durometers, siping, tread patterns and tire construction. A short while ago, Toyo asked if I’d like to try an all-new tire it was adding to the lineup. Nothing but studs would've held straight and solid in these conditions. Always an all-terrain tire to consider, Toyo just made the Open Country A/T III a practical must-buy for anyone who loves or needs to go off-road. We ran this highway condition in three scenarios: with an empty truck, a sled in the bed, and a gooseneck trailer hooked up. During 2019 I tested a set of Cooper’s AT3-XLT tires and planned to ring in the new year with a fresh set of rubber – this time from Toyo. The Open Country A/T IIIs do a good job at channeling snow off to the sides here. On paper, the Toyo Open Country A/T III is appealing to us for a few reasons. You get traction on packsnow and ice from the edges of tread blocks and siping lines, so more is better in this case. It is an all-terrain tire meaning it's suitable for daily driving as well as some mild off-roading here and there. Toyo set out to design a new tire that offered more traction for off-road driving. We've had good off-road experiences this spring with the Open Country A/T III as well, including muddy roads for a Diesel Tech Magazine shoot and lots of dirt roads for fun. Want to know when we have important news, updates or interviews?

We could lug around slowly without breaking traction (spinning) too frequently.

This is also the conditions we find in most parking lots, especially on weekdays where the maintenance crew hasn't plowed snow yet. The wheels came with the truck when I bought it as a thank you from the dealership.

Toyo uses what it calls 3D Multi-Wave siping on the tread for added wet and slippery traction. It’s a truck, not a show car. They're not a noisy tire despite the look of the tread pattern. The Toyo Open Country AT III seems to be a jack of all trades and we definitely think you should check it out! See a short video clip of the empty truck in 2WD in this kind of snow: The Toyo Open Country A/T IIIs performed excellent in these situations. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Instead, they made the tread blocks into a sort of S-pattern.

Overall, we think that the Toyo Open Country AT III is an amazing option for someone that wants an aggressive looking tire but needs the daily drivability of … We ordered up a set of 35x12.50R20s and put them on our 2018 Ram 2500 diesel sled hauler.

I’m not what you could call “easy” on my truck either. The wheels are Ultra Motorsports Rogue wheels with a black center and a “polished” edge. Driving down the road, the tires showed no added vibration to the truck. Second, we look for an interlocking tread pattern with lots of horizontal tread block edges while keeping the tread blocks fairly small. Pricing for the Toyo Open Country AT III starts at just over $600 and ranges to just under $2000 all depending on the size of course. March in Idaho is the month of spinning the weather prize wheel.

I headed for the highway and rolled along at 75 mph. Heading off-road is easy since I live near a major trail system. As much rain as was coming down, it could have gotten sketchy very fast, but the truck never hydroplaned and wet braking was comparable as on dry pavement.

This includes P-Metric sizes, light truck metric sizes and light truck flotation sizes as well.

We've logged just shy of 10,000 miles on this set with one rotation so far at 5k, and everything looks great.

The roads felt the worst with the empty bed and the light rear end. It wanted a tire that fit into the lineup between the popular Open Country A/T II and the popular Open Country M/T tire that is highly favored among off-road purists. The tires don't wander as they roll through the deeper snow like others we've ran. Bronze wheels would look sweet, though…. There, guys were slipping and falling on the clear ice around the parking lot. Our trails are a mix of sand – a lot of sand – and hardpack. No. This is the scenario we were most pleased with the Toyo Open Country A/T III. This feature is becoming more and more common and can also be seen on tires like the Nitto Ridge Grappler. They're definitely wearing more evenly than other A/Ts we've tested. So no cause for a negative mark here. You've probably noticed that the tread blocks are shaped into a sort of S-pattern. We got everything under control and stopped at the truck stop in Ashton.
The wheels came with the truck when I bought it as a thank you from the dealership.

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