twilight fanfiction bella dies giving birth

I stammered out… Had he been talking all this time? I loved this house, so many memories happened here and it's the only place I will feel comfortable and at home. It shouldn't have surprised me to see this since she grew up from a microscopic cell to a full-grown baby in a course of a month, but it did. Esme took off up the stairs and Emmett flew through the open window. I cried to see my biological grandfather. I'm really 5 years old but physically I am 15. It had been a long night with very little sleep. My mother Bella died giving birth to me and my siblings fourteen years ago. "Bella," I whispered her name "love, you can make it! Esme asked as she spotted Renesmee in my arms. I stayed like that for a little while just watching her in her last moments as a human…. "Is she hurt?" How come I didn't hear any of it? "Edward," I heard Carlisle calling "Get out and take the baby along with you. If it were only the both of us I might have been more stubborn and if she passed away I would have followed her as soon as possible. I saw my parents hovering over my wife, trying to save her life… There was a blood bank attached to Bella's arm – an attempt to help her recover from the blood loss she had endured earlier… From what I was able to see Bella was laying still, not moving and not uttering a sound… Her eyes were closed; her expression was, in a way, expressionless… But I knew better than that. I lifted my head up to see her standing in the doorway with a curious Renesmee in her arms. Her cheeks lacked their usual peach shade. EJ removed one of his shirts from his bag and pressed it to her head to stop the bleeding. "Did you see her? "I must ask you to leave," he said quietly"But Carlisle, she…" I couldn't believe he was asking me to go out in a moment she needed me so badly. I tuned the image out. she screamed my name in pain; blood was staining the bed sheets and flooding the floor – her blood…. Renesmee (pronounced Ruh-nez-may) "Nessie" Carlie Cullen (born September 11, 2006) to Isabella "Bella" Marie Cullen (nee Swan) and Edward Anthony Cullen and the imprintee of Jacob Black. i have seen the movie. The moment we turned down an ally and dissapeared from sight of the house we all let out a breath of relief, yes we had little idea where we were going but we were together and that's all that mattered. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I mentally cursed myself for the millionth time that day. "Yes, Mom, Dad, this is Renesmee Masen-Cullen – you're grand daughter… "I caressed Renesmee's cheek and lifted her up a bit so she could see them both "These are your Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle" very deliberately Renesmee waved at both of them. She didn't want me to be sad, she was asking me to smile for her. Mason reasoned back. I look almost the same as Emalie, we had the most similar features out of all my siblings but my hair was much darker than hers. What would Renesmee's life be like? Luckily they didn't decide to just forget about me and just leave. I looked up to see the talking guy was Emmett. The situation is already bad and pressuring enough, without you being there and loosing your mind and panicking. That does not mean that we'll let some brainless prick" Alice's palm that smacked the back of her husband's neck. Was it worth your time? Alice chimed in with a laugh, "I'd just rather think about this stuff when the time comes… I don't think any of you would have reacted differently if you were in my shoes". I bumped his shoulder with mine and straight away he turned his head to me with full attention. Bella has Esme and Carlisle right now, but your daughter doesn't have anyone beside you! We all sat in complete silence as EJ went out of sight down the hall before returning thirty seconds later and jumping back into the room closing the door softly but quickly behind him. he said quietly and this time I heard him. 12:20am. Now what? "I got you Em, you keep pressure on that cut okay." "What's your name sweetie? You can't leave her right now! I closed the door behind me. These questions terrified me to death and to make it even worse – I had no answer to them. I had three mother figures in my life, my Aunts Alice and Rosalie and my Grandma Esme. You can sign in to vote the answer. Doing all you can to save her! "Okay there's an old house on the other side of that river bed that looks run down. "Will you take care of her for me?" Me of all people was ought to believe it will be fine and cling to the hope and not let go of it till the very end. I couldn't deny it, it was true. "You're tired aren't you? "Of course I am sis." I asked her and she shook her head no "because angels don't cry, angels are always cheerful, and smiling, and happy" I kissed her tiny nose. That's not the only thing messed up about my life. There were many fading scars on my wrists but it was this particular one that I always found myself tracing absentmindedly. Twilight fanfiction bella in pain Twilight fanfiction bella in pain

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