walkthrough observation game

To transfer, select Emma. As soon as all three sensors are launched, a new tab «Employee Sensor» will appear. Emma turns on the cameras and you will be inside. Then study the scheme L4.

Yes, the intro sequence is half an hour long. Use RMB to mark the map. Use the sphere to connect to the laptop to download the schematic. Follow Emma to damaged module and you’ll need to input the code: 1442413324. Wenn ihr nahe genug heranzoomt, dann könnt ihr die Kasten benutzen und so die Luken öffnen. You will learn how to answer to Emma, how to connect to devices on the station, how to open hatches (HATCH CONTROL). The game uses its environment to create a dark, thriller-like atmosphere. Use the Station Alerts to contact Emma about the EAS-07 cameras being offline. Es reicht aus, wenn ihr von dem Defekt im Modul EAS-10 berichtet. Tell Emma to open it (the control panel is located on the side).

There is a room with a laptop at the very end. Folgt ihren Anweisungen, um euch mit der Steuerung vertraut zu machen. If the right one rotates, you select it with the D key, the left one — A, the top one — W, the bottom one — S. Then select the circles located diagonally from the center. Switch to Camera ‘C’ and close the hatch on the wall.

Head to EAS 11. Enter the Emma authorization code in accordance with the prompt on the screen (the Emma code itself will dictate, it also appears at the bottom of the screen). After Mae gets sucked into the storm there’s a small cinematic and then Emma will authenticate her voice, but the voice analysis won’t match. Proceed to UN-03 and access the coolant network nodes on the wall.

Interact with the interface so you can resume the functions of the SAM.

Each of the UN hatches will require the proper schematics to open.

Select Emma Fisher in the signal transmission router. You need to activate the near and far field sensors (near the computer), before using the computer. Having done this, fly to the EAS-03 module and find the blue panel.

Pay attention to the first cell, there will be a red number.

There will be a room with suitcases, as well as a laptop.

Zum Glück gibt es gar nicht mal so viele Funktionen, wie es zunächst den Anschein hat. The code is: 9338. Nach der Entdeckung des Saturns führt Emma eine weitere Stimmenauthentifizierung durch, die ihr wie gewohnt bestätigen oder ablehnen könnt. Fly into compartment 11, study the 3 sheets on the wall to the left and open the «Data Core». Perform AI diagnostics. You can choose to accept or reject the faulty voice authentication.

Also head to RU-07 at one of the fracture points and use Response Mode to relay the damage.

Dec 10, 2019-10.

Switch to UC 02, then “Command Terminal”. Once the upgrade is complete you’ll need to head outside and travel to EAS-03 to the control panel outside and reset the clamps. Scan the coolant network schematics and then open up your OS and then proceed to use the fragments to connect the coolant schematics to Sam’s systems. So you get an experimental flash memory log. Sobald ihr ihn drückt, startet der Reaktor. SAM will be disconnected from all systems.

Then inspect the document on the wall using the scroll wheel for approximation.

Author : Olga "Hippie" Fiszer for gamepressure.com, Translator : Michal "Czarny Wilk" Grygorcewicz. Move there and do … A short cinematic will play and you’ll have to click accept to proceed to the next segment.

You’ll need to use camera ‘C’ to zoom into the hatch panel and then use the RU hatch schematics to unlock the door. Open the hatch in the module RUS-06 and watch the cut-scene. As soon as you switch to the camera, inspect the laptop, study three documents. Go over to the end of the airlock panel and close the internal hatch, depressurize the airlock and then proceed over to the Chinese arm of the station.

Each of the available activities was described with details.

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