we are soldiers in the army of the lord

And so I don’t want to just assume today without covering the bases that we all have this idea of what this war really is in our minds. Beware of simply sending missionary support, financial support far away. The Lord is not restricted by our size. What is he doing? Gauge – you’re entering into the warfare with how much you’ve suffered, is – “Lord, is the reason why I’m not suffering because I don’t want to go beyond tracts and books?” Sometimes you know if you give a book to your relative, they’re not going to get mad at you. But there are things a lot more subtle than hobbies and entertainments and TV. Giving out a tract to a lost soul is one of the first things you can do, you don’t have to say anything; it’s written here, “Sir, I want to give this to you.” “Ma’am.”.
We need that. That you would not be lacking. Like Joshua and David let us go forth with only the purpose of victory to follow the order give to us by Christ Jesus. This is the general picture of the war that we are engaged in. Learn more about NICL Online. It is not a romantic thing. And we can get really tripped up here if we’re not careful.

Love. We need our prayer meetings to be fervent and hot, not to mumble, not to have just dry ordered prayers that we pray continually about the same things or the same people or even worldly things. Do you have the gift of mercy?

You have to be devoted to the war. But let’s turn back to our text, 2 Timothy chapter 2 to look at the second point. They’re so vehement. I must tell. But may the Lord help us. HeartCry 2:8-10) What is he saying here? And it pulls on me, too. And listen, I’ll say this, you know, it’s right to pray that God would help you sell your house, it’s right to pray that God would help you buy a house, but your houses, when Jesus Christ returns, are going to burn up, and they’re going to be gone. I want to stir you all up. We’re praying for our families, we’re praying for those that come from church backgrounds, but I would say this, we need to be careful what our target is, what our thoughts are, because if we only look around us, and we don’t look as far out as we can, then we’ll be neglecting lost souls. If some of you, listening to my message, maybe you’re not even saved at all. As Christians, we will fight the spiritual battles of a soldier. We can’t afford to be distracted by those kinds of things, just eating up our time, to where we don’t think about praying for the lost. He can raise people up to be sent out. We must all have the perishing world on our mind where it’s real. Another subtle excuse – “It’s not my gift.” There are different spiritual gifts, “Evangelism’s not my gift, Lord. It’s for everyone. "The night is far spent, the day is at hand. But there is one thing that we’re going to focus on today. You will cover a multitude of sins.

If you feel like you don’t have a way then pray.

I thought of King David. But have you ever felt this in your heart where you felt like, “We need to go out, it’s been too long. I heard one day Colin was in class, and the professor started talking about, started slandering this crazy preacher, and started putting him down, and all the other students, “Who’s Ryan?” They all started putting him down, “Yeah, we don’t like that guy, we hate that guy,” and Colin said, “Um, that’s my brother.”. Here we stand! He knows he’s going to hell, but he is bent now to do as much damage to God’s creation, particularly we who have been made in the image of God. What’s the man’s name? We need that in our lives.

I’ve felt it on the mission field, I’ve felt it in Kirksville. He might have got beaten himself. Will there be anyone who will go with me? The rest want to work, but can't because of various reasons. We’re brothers and sisters. That is what his name means – adversary, enemy. “Well, no, I can’t really say that’s my gift.” Well, then don’t give any money to the church. But we need to suffer as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.
But that’s now how he set up this universe.

We need boldness. And I realize there’s different seasons in our life where we might be needier and we might need help and encouragement more than last month, okay, I will make exceptions for all of that. I see a lot of young little toddlers and babies. And this is for you. Now some of you may have them in your lives and you need to get rid of them, because it does not honor Christ as a soldier needs to be. That’s not bold. That’s when God really does his work in us, when we apply it to ourselves. In a way, that’s spiritual warfare. Will our ministries, families and individuals emerge from the battles stronger or weaker, defeated or victorious? Where we weep for them, where we ache for them. He suffered loss upon the cross,

Time given to other things. He can’t hit the target. To say that 2020 did not go according to plan would be a crude understatement. What I mean is, sometimes older Christians in particular look at the idea of battle, spiritual battle, being a soldier, as if it could be something perhaps a little bit overly zealous, a little bit romantic; something that young Christians might spring up and want to latch onto, and you can overreact and you cannot take seriously this verse that we are called to be soldiers. How do we do that? And that’s what I’m focusing on today. Paul told Timothy, “share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” – 2 Timothy 2:3, 2 Timothy 2:3-4: “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

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