what size hook for texas rig senko

So do give all the methods listed here a try, before you find your favorite pick. Watch it sink and have your rod tip pointed toward the water ready to lift it. You can avoid wasting time experimenting with different colors, and immediately catch fish quicker with this free chart. My only concern about mono is; I must concede that the way largemouth inhales these things can be a little harder at times to feel the bite with slack line. Bass anglers from all walks of life have discovered that they’re the best baits for catching more bass and better bass more often. Expect the colors to be seasonal as well. If you really need to use significant weight, the Texas rig is not going to suit. Guided by a slow fall, it allows Senko to wave and float slowly back and forth. I get a little nervous when there’s current around a structure. Stop wasting precious fishing time experimenting with different colors. Keep the bait straightly aligned with the hook and penetrate the point of the hook through the body of the lure. Throw the 5″ weightless senko’s on a medium heavy 7′ foot rod with a good baitcasting reel. Armed with all the experience of fishing through the past years, I am here to tell you about one of the remarkable baits of all times - the Senko, better known as Yamamoto Senko. Don't forget to tuck the protruding point of the hook into the body of the worm to ensure a steady movement through weeds, snag, and moss. This action sets both ends of the worm free to flutter in the water, which lures the fish to take a bite. Watch your line close with this bait. If you haven’t heard of Senko Worms, then have a chat to the local bass in a pond near you, because they’ve certainly have. Nonetheless, the 5 inch grabbed plenty of interest from a range of sizes, small and large. Thanks a lot. Putting hooks through them taxes on their longevity significantly, hence the O-ring trick. The size of the weight depends on the cover, but Ehrler typically uses anywhere from 1/8- to 1/4-ounce tungsten pegged onto the line. There are O-rigs made specifically for the Senko, but other options are far cheaper. Finally, you need to pass the hook through the nose of the Senko. To set up a Carolina rig, you need an offset hook, a bullet sinker, a barrel swivel, one bead, one bait, a set of XPS finesse weights, and an Excel monofilament line. Senkos are delicate creatures and may wear out with every catch. Believe me, it will always be the smallest weight I can get away with. I strongly recommend those noobs sending worms into the structure fish a little heavier. Yes, many anglers have a color selection they swear by, (especially) the pros. I am prone to get lazy with rigging, and one less knot is great in my books. To set up a Wacky Rig, first, determine the exact midsection of the bait and then merely pierce the point of the hook through the exact center of the body of the lure. And most importantly, if fishing a Senko Worm is getting technical and difficult…You’re doing it wrong. The Senko worm is so simple in design and construction that it would barely turn any heads sitting on the shelf next to its more elaborate contemporaries. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise than “reasonable.” I’m a ‘feel’ angler and my pause will vary. There are a couple of rigs that are absolutely perfect for the beginner – they’re too easy. Attach a barrel swivel at the end of the line. To accomplish a Texas rig, you first need to push the hook about half an inch deep through the center of the thick end of the worm before finally taking it out. Seriously, regardless of the science, or lack thereof, as to why bass attack Senko aggressively and voraciously, it’s incredibly effective across a range of applications and profoundly easy to use. You will likely get quite a deal less interest, but the strikes you get will be a bigger class of fish. My suggestion is this. Beyond this, the color imperative starts getting really cloudy. If you have a fishless session using the green one, of course, you’ll shy from using it. The slow wobbling fall is when you usually always get hit. Put your hook through it. The Best Ice Fishing Line For Your Needs: Honest Reviews (2019), I Can Show You How To Catch Hundreds of Mullet Fish Like A Pro, How To Pick The Best Braided Fishing Line In The Market -2019. There is a good reason for using a dark color in muddy waters – the profile can be seen a little easier. The trick is that the worm should not get curved or crooked while pushing the hook to ensure a natural flow of the bait in the water. Expect fish. I don’t. You may find it difficult to view the floating line on windy days or turbulent waters. Use a simple lift and retrieve, with a reasonable pause. Pull the tip of your rod aggressively up and back if you see the worm splashing down. With over 100 Senko Worm colors from which to choose, I can’t help but think this is all about shelf space and moving more product. I tend to think it’s wise to emulate professional habits for better results. You will require an offset shank worm hook with a wider gap for this step. Drop the rig straight such that the weight rests at the bottom. In the summer, I would strongly recommend the 7 inch for those hunting a much larger class of bass exclusively. Before we move any further, I feel it prudent to mention Senko Worm imitations. Hi there, I'm Ted Thomas, an ardent adventure writer. This is going to come through any type of cover that you put it in, no matter how thick. I tend to get a little cynical about the color thing. The Best Swim Jig Bass Fishing - Hands Down! If I’m using a Texas rig it’s because I’m casting, retrieving and need a little weight. For 20 years bass of all kinds from everywhere have been dining out on the Garry Yamamoto worm dish like it was their first-ever drive-thru. Share this article with your friends and peers if you find it useful. Attaching a weight eliminates horizontal fall and allows the bait to sink through dense grass, flooded beds of bushes, bloggy surfaces, and other intense covers. However, thrown unweighted into the water the Senko sinks horizontally, slowly and with a little shimmy that mimics the real thing quite remarkably. Muddy Water: Colors of Choice – Black with Blue Flake, June Bug. Different types of Fishing Rods/poles & Their Uses, Best Baitcasting Reels for The Money: 5 Reviewed. Hence, copies are just that…copies. Your Carolina Rig is ready to grab a good catch. If the simple guide below doesn’t help. The drive-thru analogy is also appropriate for us anglers. Also, if you dug this post you will totally dig my best 4 soft plastic rig set up tutorials. Just be aware that a bass strike is highly likely when your line is slack. One of the keys to hooking a fish on this bait is once the fish has it, reel up the slack and bring your rod towards the bass. TIP: This is a pretty important tip. In this technique, you need to fasten a drop shot hook with a Palomar knot style about 3 feet on top of an egg sinker. As you try your hands on these techniques, you will feel delighted as well as surprised discovering the thrill and excitement involved in every new approach. I expect Yamamoto’s Senko design and the formula is not readily available for others to copy. Hardly very appetizing. The Senko is available in 3,4,5,6 and 7 inches. I write for readers with a genuine interest in enjoying the great outdoors. When using the smaller 4″ senko’s throw them on a 7′ foot spinning rod. Thank you for your support. The salt, plus unique profile details and the construction materials work in concert to deliver the Senko Worm action. Small bullet sinkers running down to the hook are the staple for the Texas. With a little practice, you can master the art of Weightless Texas Rig (2). Hey there, my name is Sean – OnTrack Fishing is my site. Ultimately, action will depend on how you’re fishing your Senko and how it’s rigged. A little weight will not spoil the action or deter the fish. This giant bass fell victim to a weightless texas rig senko. It’s these locations I’m usually fishing. Your choice of rig may simply come down to the way you want to fish. Pro anglers are looking to win trophies and make a living. Not a much-talked-about but sure shot technique to get a catch in unnumbered double digits. The rod tip is then dropped and lifted alternately without lifting up the weight from the bottom. However, I’m fishing stupidly light, so it isn’t really a problem. Sorry Mr.ga Yamamoto, but I just can’t help thinking that this is overkill on overkill. This technique is best suited for shallow and clear waters, grassy and rocky banks, around docks and under boulders, and possibly any river bed. Short of that, do what I do. Fishing a weightless texas rig Senko is one of my favorite ways to catch bass. Best Spinning Reel for the Money: Reviews for Budget & High End. Catching fish with lures is simpler than ever with Senko Worms, successful and rewarding. Finally, tie the offset hook to its other end. Always Choose A Charter Boat, What gears to use for bass fishing- complete tackle guide. Let’s look a little closer at the best rigs and techniques for getting the most out of our Senko Worms. Fishing a weightless stick bait is money to help you catch some of your first bass. Try fishing a little heavier, maybe save a little tackle. This rig also exposes the flanks of your worms to attack. Hardly rocket science. Believe me, it will always be the smallest weight I can get away with. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. Suitable for vertical fishing, Drop Shot rig performs best in clear waters with a depth of up to 20 feet or more. More often than not, however, your choice of the rig will be impacted by local fish behavior and geography. I hardly ever deviate from these four colors in these different types of water clarity. Stained Water: Colors of Choice – Watermelon Red Flake, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail. I have certainly had success with soft plastic worms that look a lot like Senko, i.e., Senko rip-offs. Video on Weightless Texas Rigging Senko’s: Here’s a simple you tube video which shows you exactly how to rig it. Gradually slide the worm to reach the offset area of the hook shank so that it completely hides the eyelet and knot. Then do a solid hook set by swinging your rod tip and pulling the line tight. Here is the when, where, why, and how I use this bait to release the Kraken on some Bass! This way you can cast it way out there on those shallow flats.

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