which aunt viv was better reddit

She works as a university professor, and is fiercely protective of her students, particularly when they begin to stray. 12 Jokes From Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air That Have Already Aged Poorly, 10 Quotes From Fresh Prince That Are Still Hilarious Today. He probably meant Aunt Viv. Hope that helped. She has a passion for character-driven stories with dynamic but flawed leads, and a special weakness for all things 1980s. The movie wasn't that fucking good and I doubt it had anything to do with the committee trying to omit a black nominee. Not trying to start anything, simply curious.

Fresh Prince doesn't shy away from exploring the biases and prejudices that exist against women once they reach middle age. I wonder if she'll casually name drop that she lost a friend named Charity or something. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BlackPeopleTwitter community, Continue browsing in r/BlackPeopleTwitter. He is not good at suitableness. It's debatable whether this is a good feature of Daphne Maxwell Reid's character, given the complete retconning of the previous version of Aunt Vivian that it involves. But she also approaches parenting in a much more laid back way, too. Hell I wish Fresh Prince was on Netflix. She even temporarily serves as a substitute teacher specializing in Black history at Will and Carlton's private school, and quickly becomes a favorite of the entire student body. No matter what, these two always came across as deeply in love with and attracted to one another. Now this. Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? Katerina is a List Writer here at Screen Rant with a background in literary criticism and creative writing.

But yea that's where the saltiness is coming from. As already discussed above, Daphne Maxwell Reid's Aunt Vivian takes a much more non-confrontational approach to her marriage. She wins every argument she enters - and it's a real shame she wasn't the one who was around when Will's absentee father showed up.

I honestly want to see evil Macy make a comeback again. Jimmy's resurrection and master, the reason why magical beings have been kidnapped. I'm afraid I'm losing my fresh prince roots. This is deep-rooted Lvl.10 saltiness. And I want them to just be humans. Aunt Viv is from Fresh prince of Bel-Air, so it's just a play on that. This series is a reboot of The WB series of the same name, created by Constance M. Burge, which originally aired from 1998 to 2006. (Fresh Prince Aunt Viv is OG!). She's been living in a galaxy far, far away since she was 11 years old, though she makes the occasional stop in Themyscira, Hawkins, and Westeros - and she wouldn't have it any other way. Most definitely, it is a serious problem. Don’t think Abby realizes that her little set-ups are forcing Macy back to Harry. two of the series' most frustrating episodes. But yeah she has no love for Will Smith. the pairing of Uncle Phil and Janet Hubert's Aunt Vivian. I don't disagree with her, but in total honesty we all know the entire motivation for this was saltiness. NEXT: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes.

She's almost always featured in the series in scenes at home, which would conceivably allow for more interaction between Aunt Vivian and her family. She sued the show or something i can't remember. Will Smith is a great popcorn movie actor, he is charming and has screen presences. From the beginning of the series, it's clear that Janet Hubert's Aunt Vivian is an incredibly empowered career woman. As such, her fashion pedigree receives a considerable boost, with many of her outfits rivaling those of younger socialite and eventual talk show host, her daughter Hillary. Whenever I think of Aunt Viv from Charmed, I just remember the dancing scene that the first Aunt Viv did in Fresh Prince. Or as my mother calls it, "Da Netflick". This case does not apply to Will Smith however. But Maxwell Reid's Aunt Vivian never seems to have a career, and as such, takes on the traditional role of wealthy housewife. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. From what i remember the original Aunt Viv was fired from Fresh Prince for being kinda bitchy when she was pregnant. RELATED: 10 Quotes From Fresh Prince That Are Still Hilarious Today. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is beloved by fans, but fans are still debating which Aunt Vivian is the best all these years later. An argument is made in support of both of these women's interpretations. Is the academy incredibly biased when it comes out to recognizing black actors with nominations? “White Aunt Viv” is the devil... not literally, but she is clearly evil, manipulative, and controlling. But I believe they are all together in cahoots, except Julian he seems harmless atm. I don't think she knows who Macy really is at this point, but that DNA kit is definitely her way of finding out who is magical or not. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes, 10 Storylines From The Game Of Thrones Books That Should Be Made Into Their Own TV Show, 10 Toughest Female Detectives & Cops From Film & Television, The Office: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Dwight Schrute, 10 Disturbing Dystopian TV Dramas, Ranked According To IMDb, 10 Shows That Were Canceled But Then Brought Back, Recasting Golden Girls (If It Was Made Today), Community: Each Main Character’s Last Line In The Series, Awkward: Season 1 Characters Ranked By Likability, 10 Things We Hope To See In The Mist Season 2, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Frenchie, 10 Things That Don't Make Sense About Walking Dead: World Beyond, Top 10 Scariest Original Powerpuff Girls Episodes, South Park: 5 Reasons Why The First Season Was Best (& 5 Why The Series Is Still Awesome), The Alienist: 10 Scenes That Prove Sara Howard Broke The Mold Of The 1890’s, The 13 Worst Episodes Of The Simpsons, Ranked, The Big Bang Theory: 5 Most Annoying Things Penny Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest), Emily In Paris: 10 Questions Season 2 Needs To Answer, 5 Ways Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina And Riverdale Are Similar (& 5 They're Different).

Look up clips of her talking about her shitty, shitty projects: the way she talks about her metal band you'd think she's talking about a the Beatles reuniting when it's just some third rate band you find at the discount bin at Walmart.

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