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Jornal Nacional also stated that Tim Lopes was the behind-the-scene producer for 2001's "Feirão de Drogas", so his likeness would not necessarily have been well-known. [10] A consistent theme of Tim Lopes's reporting was to show how low-income citizens living within Rio's favelas could be subjected to terror and powerlessness under the 'law of the traffickers. [28] The television program Jornal Nacional pursued the story, which increased the pressure on the authorities to capture the criminals involved; and O Globo newspaper and TV began using the term poder paralelo (parallel power) to describe the paradigm of that time of criminal gangs controlling certain favelas within Rio with impunity. When the police special forces unit of BOPE mounted an operation against them in September 2013 he and another trafficker were killed in the ensuing gun battle along with a lieutenant of BOPE. [44] In 2007 he was paroled, at which point he fled to the Complexo do Alemão, which was an area outside of police interference at that time. [3], On July 23, 2019, the Mariners selected Lopes' contract and promoted him to the major leagues. [6] In 2002, Lopes was co-writing a book, about Mangueira samba school and his experience growing up there, with Alexander Medeiros. During one assignment in 1995, Lopes posed as a street vendor while concealing a camera within a cooler. This action was in response to attacks throughout Rio by the criminal faction headquartered there. 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[23], The nine traffickers who were sought by police, and eventually stood trial and put behind bars were: Elias Pereira da Silva (Elias Maluco); André da Cruz Barbosa (André Capeta); Cláudio Orlando do Nascimento (Ratinho); Maurício de Lima Matias (Boizinho); Claudino dos Santos Coelho (Xuxa); Elizeu Felício de Souza (Zeu); Ângelo da Silva (Primo); Reinaldo Amaral de Jesus (Cadê); and Fernando Sátyro da Silva (Frei). [6] After spending the next 11 days on the concussion list, Lopes hit his first major league home run off Adrián Morejón of the San Diego Padres on August 6. Zeu was later secretly filmed working as a drug trafficker in the Complexo do Alemão. [50][51], Though a prominent journalist, Tim Lopes only became nationally known after his death in a crime that shocked the country. Tim Lopes was born Arcanjo Antonino Lopes do Nascimento in Pelotas, Brazil, the fourth child of a family of twelve. (During a time period after Tim Lopes's death, when journalists would enter favelas housing criminal factions associated with the traffickers who killed Lopes, they would sometimes hear "vai ter mais Tim, vai ter mais Tim!" The sides of the hill are densely packed with the type of brick shacks typical of favelas, but the geography at the top of the hill features a desolate, grassy plateau with scattered small trees and a rudimentary football field. “He had problems just like everyone does,” said 26-year-old Rosita Lopez, his younger sister. [68], In January 2011, during the inauguration ceremony marking his reelection, Rio de Janeiro State Governor Sérgio Cabral mentioned Tim Lopes in his inaugural speech. Lopes also had a nineteen-year-old son, Bruno, from a previous marriage, with whom he maintained a father-son relationship. Tim Lopes and his team were awarded Brazil's top journalism prize for the report which was titled "Feirão das Drogas" ("Big Drug Fair") - the first Prêmio Esso given for broadcast investigative journalism in Brazil. It was later learned that Lopes had been accosted by drug traffickers who controlled the area, was kidnapped, driven to the top of a neighboring favela in the trunk of a car, tied to a tree and subjected to a mock trial, tortured by having his hands, arms, and legs severed with a sword while still alive, and then had his body placed within tires, covered in gasoline and set on fire—a practice that traffickers have dubbed micro-ondas[1][2] (in allusion to the microwave oven).[3]. He was a dedicated fan of the professional Rio football club, Vasco da Gama. Positions: Second Baseman, Third Baseman and Leftfielder Bats: Right • Throws: Right 5-11, 180lb (180cm, 81kg) . [4] He opened the 2019 season with the Tacoma Rainiers. Upon his arrest in 2007, he gave a detailed account to police about that night and spoke to a group of journalists, adding to what had been previously said during the investigation. Lopes's aim was to obtain footage of drugs and weapons, as he had in 2001 in the favela da Grota within the Complexo do Alemão. The report got a lot of attention, which in turn caused Rio's political administration to take action. When he was 8 years old, his parents moved the family to Rio de Janeiro, where they lived in humble circumstances in the Mangueira favela in a three-room shanty. Lopes attended Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. "[4], "The reflections about journalism generated by Lopes's killing led to the creation of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) in December of that year". [67], In December 2010, a mass was held to commemorate Lopes in a church in the Complexo called the Igreja Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe. [4] There was also what remained of a burned ninja sword. In 2001 Lopes and his team at Rede Globo received the Prêmio Esso (Brazil's version of the Pulitzer) for an investigative series entitled "Feirão das Drogas"[16] ("Big Drug Fair"), in which he used a hidden camera to show dealers on the street openly hawking cocaine to passing pedestrians, yelling out the drug and its price. as a warning insinuating that more reporters could be killed. Lopes was tipped off by local residents of the area that traffickers were promoting child prostitution at the bailes funk in Vila Cruzeiro. Lopes was placed within several tires, covered in diesel fuel, and set on fire. Following the end of the war, it was the start of the Baby Boomer years and technology advancements such as the jet engine, nuclear fusion, radar, rocket technology and others later became the starting points for Space Exploration and Improved Air Travel. Officers restrained him on the pavement for over five minutes before he was found unresponsive in the backseat of a police SUV, according to body-camera videos. “He was so proud of himself, that was the biggest accomplishment of his life.”. Using a Nextel radio, the traffickers called the head drug lord, Elias Pereira da Silva, known by his nickname, Elias Maluco (meaning Crazy Elias or Madman Elias), at the faction's headquarters at the favela da Grota within the Complexo do Alemão for instructions. In addition to drug selling, in certain favelas, traffickers were sexually exploiting minors from the community at their baile funk,[4] sometimes forcing girls to put on explicit shows by having sex out in the open against a wall at these events. After their incarceration, anger was expressed through Rio's media when two of the traffickers were paroled on work release at which point they fled. Tim Lopes's son, Bruno Quintella (who was 19 when his father was killed), completed a university degree in journalism in 2010. Lopez was Gonzalez’s youngest son. "The deeper in the jungle the better," he told them. He spent the 2015 season with the Bakersfield Blaze, hitting .276/.340/.362/.702 with 2 home runs and 49 RBI.

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