why does the smell of eggs make me nauseous

The post and the comments were so interesting to read! Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Thankyou for writing this. I will have to try and find out what each farm feeds the chickens. She also mentioned that when in Europe (where they don’t scrub the protective exterior) she never has problems with eggs. Think about how babies are reliant on what we eat while they are in the womb. Anyway, it’s truly good to hear, that many people have same problem, and the way that some have solved it. Just make sure you give it enough time between so that you know for sure what is affecting you.
In all honesty I’m glad I did because I never even thought to question my eating eggs. I can drink milk, eat cheese, etc., but oddly enough, I can’t eat the FROZEN dairy, like ice cream and milkshakes. It seems to more “pure” the egg did is, the worse it hits me. It was literally Russian roulette. Maybe it has to do with the yolk and how it’s cooked??? I know you posted this awhile ago, but know that you are not crazy! Sometimes the smell or taste of certain foods is enough to make your stomach roll. Luckily it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction, but he was projectile vomiting! I prefer scrambled, poached of soft boiled- have eaten hard boiled & sunny but not a fan. I messed up today because I had too much ice-cream that had egg listed as an ingredient.

Wow! That being said I also have issues with antibiotics that say “don’t eat eggs” and now knee injections that say to not use if you have allergies to eggs. I could handle them in stuff but not by themselves. Yesterday I ate some potato salad with eggs and im staying paying the price. I have no allergy from the blood tests so I’ve been just baffled. Another possible reason is that if you have allergies on eggs. Some additional notes where I differ a bit from your experiences: – I have found it strange that I don’t seem to be sensitive to eggs much at all when they’re mixed in with other ingredients. I think some eggs have a protein or more quantity of it, that flue antibodies respond to. I wonder if grass fed local beef would be OK. Thank you so much for this article. Just a thought. Ugh barf. Thank you again Food Allergy vs.
I had the exwct same symptoms on Sunday after having pancakes for breakfast.

It’s been like playing roulette sometimes they make me sick sometimes they don’t. with an estimated 70 percent getting over them by age 16. Sometimes I’m fine, but sometimes after a few bites I have to focus on keeping it down. https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/egg-allergy-really-soy-allergy/. Thanks so much. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. But oddly enough, I also don’t have a problem eating egg sandwiches from McDonald’s, and I know that they don’t use liquid eggs (I was a grill cook at McDonald’s and personally cracked thousands of white eggs). I’m guessing some cooking oils just lube up my stomach too much to process the eggs. However I don’t eat them often – like 3-4 eggs per month or even less. I forgot to say that this includes any product with eggs in it, like mayo or baked goods. The age of the egg never occurred to me to be a factor, or the brown or white or free range, etc. I made another omelette from the same carton and ate two bites and had to run to the bathroom to puke. At first I thought it was dairy period!! Thank you so much for your post, very interesting reading, Iam finding that the older I get the more allergic I become, it wasn’t until I put 2+2 together that I realised that for the last few months I have been suffering from feeling nauseous and gassy, bloated and achy that I have worked it out that it is eggs, I had a dippy egg this morning feeling pretty bad all day.

I wanted to further this theory…so a few days later I made a frittata with some of the eggs we took home at Christmas. I’ve been allergic to garlic since I was 13 – it’s awful. Sounds VERY similar to my experience. Hi Amy, I made another frittata a week later, still fine. I’m going to try some farm fresh and see if that helps. The hens always have the same food and drink our well water and I NEVER wash eggs until ready to use (only if they need it) I have tried them cooked all ways and not cooked at all. These include: If you aren’t able to have eggs a couple of times a week, talk to your doctor about whether you’re low in these key nutrients. My story is like yours and so many others on here. (I know NOTHING about chickens.). Ugh I feel soooo sick right now :(. The sulfur in eggs can also cause the ill feelings in your stomach for many hours after eating just 2 eggs. I also found the same thing with European eggs – I was eating soft boiled eggs in Denmark completely fine. This isn’t the first time it has happened but because I haven’t eaten any eggs in a few weeks, I’ve come to realize that this sick feeling is most definitely associated with the eggs. Today is the first time I had a breakfast sandwich with eggs in a really long time. I don’t know if eggs in Canada is different from its Asian counterparts, or I just suddenly developed this egg intolerance like you do? However, what is right for me isn't necessarily right for you. They can’t even honestly call eggs a rich source of protein. By the time I left my mom’s house to head back to Brooklyn, I felt totally normal. i'm seven days late on my period. Like you, I’m no chemist, I can only report my individual experiences and look for patterns. What an insane conclusion. Especially carageenan ( which has the possibility of being a form of MSG). This may set us up for heart disease, stroke, and death. What a mistake! You can get a clue as to how old an egg is based on whether it floats, stands, or sinks in water.

At first I thought I just had a stomach ache or something that the eggs made worse, but I started to get it more and more often and now I can barely eat an egg anymore. I typically have a stomach of steel, but it didn’t go well. An egg intolerance can be unpleasant, but the most effective way to alleviate symptoms is by practicing an elimination diet. Looks like I’ll be asking my allergist about sulfur allergies. I lived on eggs growing up but until now I have a 50% chance I will get sick within 4 hours. I hope it works so that you can enjoy eggs again!

An egg intolerance doesn’t cause allergy symptoms or anaphylaxis.

I’m also now in my mid-30s and have always had “off” hormones so not sure if that’s part of the culprit. Because I’m still getting tripped up by this and did it to myself again yesterday.

I think it’s to do with the feed, Even organic egg chickens can be given some sort of supplemental feed. I’m so thankful for your info and everyone’s comments. I don’t know her except that she sells eggs from her farm. I don’t think I’ll be touching eggs for a while now :/. For me, it seems to be all pastured eggs. I started having really bad gas, bloating, nausea and I thought it was from meat. This hasn’t happened for a while and I eat eggs usually once a week. Right Brain: What Does This Mean for Me. Even mixed up into cake or food.. but when i eat WHiTE eggs.. i am totally fine!!!! this made me thought the cause should be the food I ate. Same problem since my second child. So I’m going to try unwashed fresh eggs from a friends coup and see how this goes for me. I too thought it was wheat and cut it out but it was still happening.

I’m 52 and this just started about a year ago.

Thanks so much for sharing this info. I was nursing my son and my husband and I were eating scrambled eggs every morning.

Required fields are marked *, 119,836 Spambots Blocked by Simple Comments, Amy is a blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, baker, and singer living in Brooklyn. Then the next time I bought them, I felt sick again. Eggs cooked very well seemed to be OK.

Very interesting article.

If I had them fried or overeasy, at home, with a neighbors fresh from the coop eggs, or at neighborhood diner, same problem. I can eat really, really, really cooked eggs (hard boiled, very fried, very-very scrambled) or baked goods with no problem. Then a holiday at the start of this year, I was only ill on the days I had eggs. So glad you could figure it out!

I subscribed to your site. Eggs are such a quick easy protein I wish this wasn’t the case! No, it’s not lactose intolerant, and in fact, not a wheat problem, thank goodness because I love pasta and bread, especialy hard/dark breads. It wasn’t until I reached my 20s that I realized eggs made me nauseous after just a couple of bites. I’ve been having this problem for years and couldn’t pin it down. I want to know why I did not get sick eating eggs in another country? They are a great substitute when you are missing your scrambled egg and toast in the morning. Read more: Is it a stomach bug or food poisoning? I have been doing tons of research on this topic, as I am exactly like you…no pain with baked or boiled eggs. That’s an interesting theory! There are many conditions that can make you nauseated after eating. I apparently don’t have a without a problem with eggs in baked goods. Thanks for your blog! I thought it’s a worth a try and I had been craving eggs for a while. This may also be why many of us can easily eat very, very fresh farm eggs and not have a reaction. I can eat hard boiled eggs all day and it doesn’t bother me but for some reason eating even some dishes with scrambled eggs in them make my stomach hurt! Back in Hong Kong I would cook them like this, or order it this way in restaurants and never had an issue. I also cannot handle most dairy. Sick all over since 4months old through my childhood and teenage years. For example, if my mom is baking mint chocolate chip brownies, or blueberry muffins, the smell makes me want to run to the bathroom. A low-FODMAP diet can reverse these problem. not a problem with the other cage free. And I ate one scrambled. And yes, that feeling you describe is VERY familiar. So, if you have a sensitivity to eggs, you could experience one or more of the following: It’s also possible to feel headaches or a general sense of fogginess. I have always had problems with scrambled eggs. This post may contain affiliate links. I’m curious if this might be related. , Madhuleena I’m so glad I wrote this. Apparently they blast the eggs with high pressure cleaner that pulls off the outer most cover of the shell. Thanks for sharing this, I thought I was the only one. Oh, I sincerely hope it works out well! Makes sense about the age of the egg.. Before I was diagnosed and effected by mine, (I have 4 diagnosed), I have zero problems with eggs or any foods for that matter. But i think i got the egg mystery figured out. Oh that’s terrible! My mother has chickens and I never got sick on her eggs but almost every store bought egg makes me sick. Not that the two are related but it’s a mystery to me.

I’ve been finding that I get really sick (bloating, nausea, back pain) if I have hard boiled eggs but I’m fine if I have scrambled or over medium.

7yrs ago. Still the same on and off nausea with them. This is the same issue I was having. This doesn't happen with any other foods I seem to consume and has me confused as to what is wrong with me. Thank you for letting me know!! I dont know. That’s funny because I can eat eggs any way but hard boiled… if I eat them hard boiled I’m thrown into weeks if IBS hell. I bought the freshest, most expensive eggs they carried.

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