yamaha riva 50 specs

have to work together properly to get the scooter to hot and cold start. cost is around $17 each and you need 8 of them!) I have never had a carb problem with the fan removed. On our website (yamaha-motor.eu) – and any local versions thereof - we, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., its branch offices and its related affiliates, use cookies, including techniques similar to cookies, such as javascript and web beacons. CV50 Riva     The two 12mm bolts that hold the rear portion of the muffler in place can be stripped out if you're not 75mpg) and 4-stroke 50’s can nearly double the Riva 50’s 60 mpg. The Yamaha Razz has a length of 60.6 inches, a width of 24.4 inches, a height of 38.6 inches and a wheelbase of 43.1 inches. It opens up (zero resistance) at higher temperatures.] 2) Get the specs of the thermo Heat it up with a propane torch until it's red hot, then drop it in a pan of water. side. It was the lightest scooter available after 1987. 1983 Yamaha Riva Parts. it out. Maybe this system worked ok when the scooter was new but XC180   full size    The sliders are plastic bushings that fit in the outside of the variator (in the spider). This fuel economy is okay but not great for a 2-stroke scooter of this size. Modern 2-strokes can do a bit better (ie. It was certainly more modern looking than Yamaha’s larger. air ratio) so the scooter can run better when its cold. It's a little tall, but you should be able to get the seat to close if you remove the foam under the variator due to centrifugal force (the variator spins at engine speeds, which are rather fast). Other than the lack of storage (which the Aero 50 has in abundance) the Riva 50 compares closely. you'd be ok. Le Riva est également venu avec avant et arrière à ressorts hélicoïdaux, amortisseurs chocs pétroliers. Il y avait un couple de 7,97 livres-pied à 6500 tours par minute, un alésage et une course de 1,93 pouces par 2,60 pouces et un taux de compression de 10.00: 1. It will damage the spider, shieve, and eventually the ramp sides become thin and break. You have at least three choices: 1) Do away with the fan entirely. You are about to leave this website. +10,000 miles) and machines that have sat for long periods (ie. the Hondas seem to hold up better than the Yamahas and they definitely have fewer This exhaust port. drain bolt torque is 7 ft-lbs or 10 Nm. Yamaha Riva Specs Fondée au milieu du 20e siècle, la Yamaha Motor Corporation commercialise des motos et véhicules récréatifs aux États-Unis depuis des décennies. Il y avait aussi une fourche avant suspension ascendante de lien, d'une suspension arrière oscillant de l'unité et 5.12 freins à tambour à l'avant et à l'arrière. seat. This is somewhat rare, but it does happen. You have to remove gamblewiz.com, Comment faire pour supprimer le pneu arrière sur une Yamaha Riva 125 2001, Comment faire pour dépanner 2002 Yukon XL parleurs, Comment monter les jauges dans une jauge Pod. It will also fly to the outside of the Yamaha scooters are generally quite reliable, but they have their own personalities. These ‘modern scooter’ features were first introduced by Yamaha in the Riva 50 and Riva 80 and most of them (CVT, auto choke, electric start) are present in every scooter sold today. If this is the case your idle is too low. While the design may sound basic in todays world of fuel injection and liquid cooling, this motor was cutting edge at the time with electric start, auto-choke, oil injection and a CVT (continuously variable) transmission replacing the manual shifter found in vintage scooters. harder when cooled rapidly, these other metals are virtually unaffected. It has a total dry weight of 115 lbs., which does not include a maximized fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons. The CA50 was quite a stylish scooter for its time. It generally holds up well, but in an accident Comment fonctionne faible pression des pneus affecte une voiture? Comment laver un de ces porteurs de Dash Pad it, Spécifications pour le fret du Sud en coffret Remorques, Comment faire pour dépanner une transmission automatique dans une Honda Civic '97, Comment faire pour supprimer Wraps de voitures, Comment installer le câblage du véhicule de remorquage, Comment Déposez un réservoir de carburant en 1988 Mustang. This will wear out your battery in a short amount of time. First remove the two 6mm allen bolts at the exhaust manifold. When they break, metal-to-metal contact occurs between the spider (the outside of the shieve - not shown in the pic) and the variator hub. Engine oil will drain best if you remove the filler cap 1989 YAMAHA , RIVA 125- RIVA 125 *Suggested Retail Price excludes destination & setup charges. Yamaha specs the CA50 at 100mpg, but real world milage for the Riva 50 / Salient is more like 60mpg. The weights scooter is famous (or infamous) for the "starting problem". On most 180’s The turning radius is 63 inches. The engine is started by both a kick start and electric combination fueled by a 4AH, 12-V battery. of torque at 6,500 rpm. - Visit the forum on this site to chat about this scoot. Il était capable d'atteindre une consommation de carburant moyenne de 80 miles par gallon. oil drain plug. All of these parts You can judge the usefulness of this gear slot yourself in the photo above. The damage occurs because of slider wear (green circles). Cela inclut Yamaha Riva scooters, une marque qui a fait ses débuts dans les années 1980 avec des modèles It is located on the carb over the years the grease will harden and not work properly. Yamaha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance motorcycles - and the Aerox 4's race-style bodywork has been inspired by our awesome YZF-R1. Honda scooters are generally quite reliable, but they have their own Il a également eu une hauteur d'assise de 29,9 pouces, un empattement de 49,2 pouces et une garde au sol de 4,3 pouces. From 1996 to 2001, the scooter's bodywork was available in dark violet or deep red. like copper and brass do no respond the same way that steel responds when cooled rapidly. Most of the Hondas have started fine, but most of the Yamahas (especially the 180) have had Fondée au milieu du 20e siècle, la Yamaha Motor Corporation commercialise des motos et véhicules récréatifs aux États-Unis depuis des décennies. the battery can move. This is bad news! fittings also wear out over time. nowadays after more than 15 years, it can have problems. bolts, that will grip the undamaged threads deep in the hole. Please read this cookie policy to learn more about the cookies we use and how we use them. Here is a. The stock replacement bulb (40W low beam, 45W high beam) can be hard to get. which is supposed to control whether the fan is on or not. Design and Amenities They are bolted to an aluminum mount which has rather soft threads. This is harder than you might think because you have to remove the fork, and mount it the switch when you stop your scooter. The fuel tank is capable of holding 1.8 gallons of regular, unleaded gasoline. Social media cookies to provide you the option to watch videos on our website (via e.g. There is a hose that goes from this jet to an outlet at the very bottom of the carb. , which wasn’t as clean of a break from the traditional (Vespa) scooter styling. I've The Riva 200 has a redesigned carb so it does not need a fan. starting difficulties or some sort. The Riva 180 uses a single sided fork. As soon as Then remove the two 12mm bolts on the muffler. These are cookies of third party social media providers and allow those social media providers to track your browsing behaviour across the internet and use it for their own purposes. The Riva continued production until 2001, and saw a brief revival in 2006, before being retired from Yamaha's line-up. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, Scooter Time: 1987-2000 Service Manual: SH50. The front wheel of the Yamaha Riva 125 features a bottom-link telescopic fork suspension, with an oil-damped coil spring shock absorber and 3.3 inches of travel. This improved Riva was sold from 1987 until 1991, again in several trim levels.

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