zulu legend of the moon

. The module crashed close enough to the device to get good seismic readings, and the data they got back revealed startling evidence that the Moon could be hollow because it reverberated like a bell for close to an hour. Another great example of this concerns our seasons, without which agriculture would be difficult at best. This cloud of vapor covered 100 square miles and lingered for 14 hours before dissipating, making NASA’s explanation improbable, considering the tanks they were referring to only contained between 60-100 pounds of water. But then again, there’s always some simple explanation from NASA that seems to make everyone’s concerns seem trivial. [1] Although Michael Collins didn’t experience this event, astronaut Buzz Aldrin states that he and Neil Armstrong both kept spotting what he referred to as “flicker flashes” during the Apollo 11 mission. What they found was that the moon rings like a bell, reverberating sometimes for hours at a time. Oddly, Zulu legend says that the Moon was towed into position by extraterrestrials and that after it was placed here, it created chaos by causing massive floods and huge tidal waves to wreak havoc around the planet before finally settling down. To this day, there are several theories that attempt to explain how the Moon ended up orbiting our planet, though none have been absolutely accepted, leading many to believe that the moon is a spaceship. In the process of accretion, a moon is formed at the same time as the planet from the accretion disk of the solar system. Read more controversial claims about the Moon on 10 Weird Anomalies And Bizarre Conspiracies Of The Moon and 10 Reasons the Moon Landings Could Be a Hoax. The size of the moon is such that it affects our axial tilt or the way that the Earth wobbles on its axis, changing by a single degree over the course of thousands of years. The journalist then claimed that the image proves the claims of UFO investigators that NASA has been intentionally withholding information on extraterrestrial life, as well as its presence here on Earth and in space. Now, before scoffing too loudly, have you ever wondered why we never went back to the Moon after the Apollo missions or why the Russians never followed us? I live in northwestern Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and in “one of the Original 13” I like to say, where I grew up with a fascination for collectibles like baseball cards, coins, stamps, and old bottles just to name a few. At the time of the Apollo 14’s discovery of water vapor, NASA claimed that it was the result of ruptured water tanks that had leaked Earth water into the atmosphere. Cover-up or conspiracy? [9] The structure of the stack is plainly evident in the frames, and smoke, or some kind of vapor, is also clearly seen to be emanating from the aforementioned structure, drifting off to the right of the shot. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. While it might seem farfetched that we are being surveilled by an extraterrestrial race on the moon, or that a hollow Moon may have been intentionally placed in Earth’s orbit as a secret moon base, there are a plethora of inexplicable facts about its relationship with Earth.

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